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Volleyball (Issue 5 2017)

Written on the 24 August 2017

SHC Volleyball

SHC Volleyball has been well represented again this year with two girls' teams in Division 3 and 5 and an Open Boys side in Division 3 of the Junior League VSA competition held on Friday nights.

SHC A Girls' Volleyball
Despite facing some challenging opponents, the SHC A Girls' side have continued to work hard and improved as the season has progressed under the guidance of talented captain, Emily Anderson. Coach, Sheena Peters describes their progression from the first game to where they are today as truly inspiring and admires their improvement in such little time. Year 10 players Amani Kimotho and Madison Giersch have had an impressive impact on our A grade side combining their skills with team mates Ash Pearce, Laura Bates, Stella Franklin, Maslin Hughes and Tori Cullen.

SHC B Girls' Volleyball
The SHC B Girls team have been putting up a good fight and building intensity as the season has progressed. They have started to control the game more, which has resulted in some really close sets against some of the stronger sides. Both Monique Taylor and Jacinta Short have developed some incredible serves and cover the court really well. Hannah Elliott has developed an excellent hitting ability and uses it when needed most. Maddy McKay has excelled in serve-receive and performs countless perfect passes and is always willing to support the team. Sister duo, Niki and Sophie Karageorgis, are always able to keep pressure on the net and play a strong defence. Honourable mention goes to Lauren Murphy who is a gun on court and although has had to sit the rest of the season out, has remained our best supporter and pumps the team up when they need it most. Their 3-0 win last week was a great example of the girl's improvement over the season. The girls played with consistent serves and didn't give away any easy points. The team is in for a tough game against Norwood this week who put up a fight last round yet, SHC's teamwork pulled through and the girl's won 2-1.

Division 3 Boys' Volleyball
The Division 3 Boys Volleyball team have had an outstanding season so far, landing themselves number two on the premiership ladder leading into the final games. If they keep up the consistency and teamwork that they continue to display week in and week out, they have a real shot at placing first in the overall Div 3 competition. Out of 9 games, the boys have won 6 and only lost 3. With 16 sets for and only 9 against, the boys team have managed to improve overall on all of the basic skills of volleyball, digging, setting and spiking. As well as this, in the last few games we have played they have started to implement more advanced skills into their play including back court setting and jump serving. Coach Emily Green is very excited to see how far the boys can take this season, and believes that they have worked hard enough and well enough as an overall team unit to take out the premiership.

Sheena Peters, Courtney Donnellan and Emily Green



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