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Year 12 Examination Timetable 2017 (Issue 1 2017)

Written on the 8 February 2017

Students with SACE Stage 2 (Year 12) written exams at the end of the year have been emailed the final exam timetable (which can also be viewed online at

These exam dates/times cannot be changed - everyone in the state/NT/world(!) does the exams at these times.
There are no "catch up" times or opportunities to re-sit.

Please note that only approved dictionaries can be taken to exams. Click here to see the approved list.

Last year I noted that many students had the "Macquarie School Dictionary". Please be aware that this dictionary has integrated thesaurus entries - students are not permitted to have a thesaurus and hence should NOT bring this edition to exams.

Similarly, for exams that allow calculators, only APPROVED models are permitted. If you purchased your calculator through Sacred Heart, it is an approved model. If you purchased your graphics calculator elsewhere (eg Officeworks), please download this file to check if your calculator is on the approved list.

Note that the Casio fx-9860GII is definitely NOT an approved model - even though it looks like the fx-9860G AU PLUS. Students should NOT bring a Casio fx-9860GII calculator to Year 12 exams - it will be confiscated.

Students who have a long term illness or impairment (for example: a medical condition, dyslexia, anxiety disorder, depression, learning difficulty etc) may be eligible for special provisions for exams. The special provisions available to students may include supervised rest breaks, separate invigilation, extra time or use of a word processor, depending on the circumstances. Students must apply to the SACE Board for special provisions in Year 12 exams. For students with long term illness or impairment, applications are due at the SACE Board by April 7. Please email me ( or students can see me in my office during school hours, should you wish to enquire about eligibility and/or submitting an application.

Information regarding SACE completion and inclusion of Certificate III (or higher) qualifications towards the ATAR for current Year 12 students was emailed to students and parents/caregivers of Year 12 students last week.

Karen Bailey
Director of Teaching & Learning



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