Arts News (Thursday 1 December)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Champagnat End of Year Arts & Technologies Gallery and Performing Arts Exhibition

Spirit flows from the painter outward to the painter’s audience of viewers. In today’s often insane world, art can be a positive force that offers balance to both the artist and audience. ~ Lisa Chakrabarti

During Week 5, students at Champagnat realise their work from the perspective of an audience. Artistic endeavours – from Food Technology, to Robotics, to Dance to Visual Arts – can be a personal journey, and some work in an ensemble, sharing, creating and showing their passion and the ‘love of work’ for what they do. 

This week saw the Kavanagh Room transform into an exhibit of students’ work from a range of Arts and Technology electives. Visitors to the exhibit were charmed by the thoughtful menu catered by our Year 8 Food & Technology students. 

From Drama plays ‘So you wanna be a Cheerleader’ performed by the Drama Club and ‘Prolonged Life’ by our Year 9 Drama class, our audiences laughed and celebrated the quirkiness of human nature. 

Being inspired by nature elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, our three classes of Year 8 students created their own group dance compositions. Students then learned teacher devised choreography at their level and combined all sequences to present a nature themed dance. 

Congratulations to all the many performing arts students who presented their learning to appreciative audiences. Gratitude is extended to all members of our community who took the time to celebrate our students’ learning. Thanks are also extended to the various staff who supported these events. 

Glenelg Christmas Pageant

The Combined Drumline donned Christmas hats and tinsel and played non-stop down the length of Jetty Rd as part of the Glenelg Christmas Pageant. None of these students had been part of the pageant before and they had a great time!

A note from the event organiser, A massive thank you to you and everyone involved with the 2023 Glenelg Christmas Pageant. It was so exciting to see the Pageant return after a two year break, and on behalf of the Council and Pageant management I would like to express our extreme appreciation for all of the time and effort you put towards coordinating your float and making the Pageant the success that it was.

It was very heartwarming to see the Pageant bring so much joy to our community and we look forward to working with you to do it all again in 2023!”

Champagnat musicians wow at annual Primary Schools Band Tour

In Week 6, the Drumline, Concert Band, Year 8 Class Band and the Superband went on the annual band tour. This year we performed at Christ the King, Saint Bernadettes and St Anthony’s Edwardstown. This was a great day of learning and performing for the students, as they were responsible for loading the bus and setting up and packing gear, as well as performing for younger students who were so enthusiastic to see the musicians on stage. Many of the teachers were grateful to hear us and check up on some of their old scholars! 

Stobie Pole Art installation

The Year 10 Art class worked with acrylic paint to create some colourful stobie pole paintings which has brightened up Cudmore Street, outside of Marcellin Campus The paintings depict a relaxing birds-eye view of our beautiful Somerton Park beach, with some imaginative and creative additions including; sea monsters, sunbathers and even the odd shark! Come and check out the installation to take a closer look for yourself.

Music AMEB Results

Twice a year many of our students sit music exams with the Australian Music Examination Board. These exams take a lot of practice to prepare in lessons with their teacher and at home. We are still waiting on the results of some students, but we would like to recognise the following achievements.

Alistair Larsen achieved 99% in his Grade 1 Music Theory Exam – an outstanding achievement.

Piano Exams
– Connor Ramm – Preliminary A+
– Ava Threadgold – Preliminary A
– Chloe Prettejohn – Preliminary A
– Nikki Amirghiasvand – Preliminary A
– Alexia Fotkou – Grade 1 B+
– Caitlin Bailey – Grade 3 B+
– Max Hansen – Grade 3 B+
– Riley Hansen – Grade 3 B+
– Aaligha Collyer – Grade 3 B+
– Cooper Newbold – Grade 3 B+
– Isabella Cowley – Grade 5 B
– Amelie Sloan – Preliminary Exam A 
– Anton Tugai – Grade 8 C+

Well done to all of the students who have participated in the Music exams this year. 

We would also like to congratulate Year 12 students Lachlan Durrans and Grace Northam who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at Adelaide University.