Arts News (Friday 24 September)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Catholic Schools Music Festival

The Catholic Schools Music Festival is a great celebration of music, bringing together choirs from many primary schools across the state over four nights of performances. They are complimented by many support acts from Secondary Schools and this year, the Senior Drumline successfully auditioned and performed onstage on Wednesday 22 September. The Drumline performance was epic, showcasing the passion of these students to an appreciative audience. 

Compering the evening was our own Year 7 student, Abinav Murugappa who auditioned via video to be selected as student compere. He worked alongside Matthew Perry, Deputy Principal of Star of the Sea School, writing the script for the evening’s performance and executed his compere role to perfection. Abinav said,  “I am very grateful for the opportunity that Sacred Heart has provided for me, and am so excited to participate in the 2021 Catholic Schools Music Festival.”

Head of Champagnat Campus, Kate Kilpatrick said, “Abinav was truly outstanding as compere! Professional, poised and graceful with just the right amount of witty banter. We were extremely proud  sitting in the audience watching.” Congratulations Abinav and the Drumline on their performances!

Stage 1 & 2 Dance Night

Last night, the Stage 2 Dance class held their final performance assessment for the year… and indeed their time at Sacred Heart! The first item was their student choreography’s, which were both presented as Dance films. Loss by Tennille Geddie beautifully explored the stages of grief, including before, during and after loss. Olivia Burford presented The ‘Payne’ of War, which looked at the effects of war PTSD on relationships, and was inspired by her research into her own great-grandfather. Both films were poignant reminders of the beauty and frailty of life. 

The Stage 1 & 2 Dance class performed ‘Oh Canada’ (by Missy Higgins), a lyrical contemporary piece looking at the plight of refugees and then the Stage 2 dancers finished off with an upbeat, entertaining Hip Hop routine to finish the evening. The night was a showcase of our wonderfully talented dancers, and a credit to their dedication and commitment to dance. They were stars!

We were also fortunate to have Stage 1 Music student Grace Northam, perform her beautiful rendition of Paper Hearts.  Thank you to all our family, friends and staff who supported us on the night.

Stage 2 Drama – External Assessment – Film Shoot @ Port Willunga & Somerton Park

The Stage 2 Drama class has been busy finalising their Creative Presentation External Assessment task which involves students working together in response to a shared dramatic text. Students take on different roles and responsibilities, including directing, acting, cinematography and editing, to produce a short film that showcases 3-4 scenes from Nick Enright’s iconic Australian play, Black Rock. Shot on location at Pt. Willunga and Somerton Park students produced a quality final product and enjoyed a day in the sun!

Year 10 Visual Arts Mural

The Year 10 Visual Arts students have been painting a mural over the past few weeks of this term. Each student was responsible for painting a single square, which came together to make up the large scale painting of a bird in flight, with the quote: ‘Your wings already exist, all you need to do is fly’. 

The mural has now been installed in the Visual Arts corridor and has greatly improved the area by adding a splash of creativity and colour.

Diocesan Assembly

On Friday 17 September, the 2021 Adelaide Diocesan Assembly was held at Cabra College. The Diocesan Assembly is a gathering of representatives from the various communities and agencies of the Archdiocese of Adelaide to discuss the life of the church and make recommendations. 

Our Senior Vocal Group, comprised of Grace Northam, Gaila Morrision and Kaitlyn Rossi and led by Kelvin Maynes performed an hour set for an appreciative audience while they were enjoying the outdoor BBQ.  Well done to the Senior Vocal Group, who sounded amazing!

ABODA Band and Choir Festival 2021

Each year, ABODA presents the South Australian Band and Orchestra Festival, adjudicating school bands across the state. 

Our Champagnat Concert Band (Directed by Vanessa Saba) and the Marcellin Senior Drumline (Directed by Paul Butler) entered this year, submitting a video of their performances. 

Congratulations to our Champagnat Concert Band who placed second in the Novice Concert Band section, winning silver and our Senior Drumline taking out Overall Section Winners for the Open Percussion Ensemble section, winning Gold!

Congratulations to all the students and Music Directors for all your hard work – a truly remarkable achievement!

Year 9 Creative Arts

The Year 9 Creative Arts class worked collaboratively this term, animating life sized paper puppets, each operated by a team of three. Once they mastered the skills required in bringing the puppets to life, they devised performances based on extracting emotional responses from their audience.

“It was great the way they managed to portray various emotions in the puppets, put together with the music there were moments of happiness, sadness and love”. They presented these to an appreciative Year 7 class, and then gave the younger students a workshop in how to operate the puppets in teams.