Arts News (Thursday 29 September)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Catholic Schools Music Festival 2022

The Catholic Schools Music Festival is a celebration of the depth of musical talent in Catholic Schools across South Australia over four nights in a professional setting. This year, the choirs and support acts are back on the Adelaide Festival Theatre stage. 

In Term 2, music ensembles across various Cathoic Schools had to audition for a place either onstage as a support act, or for a longer performance to entertain audiences on arrival.

Successful in their auditions, last night saw Sacred Heart’s Concert Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble perform in the foyer of the Adelaide Festival Centre, and the Combined Drumline performing onstage. 

Thank you to ensemble directors Robyn Brookes, Rachel Coppen and Will Rana for their work in rehearsals and at the performance. Congratulations also to our talented music students for their wonderful performances. It was a great opportunity to showcase the skilled musicians at Sacred Heart to the Catholic Schools community.

Year 8 students visit South Australian Art Gallery

Last week, Year 8 Visual Arts students went on an exciting excursion to the Art Gallery of South Australia to see the Archie 100, an exhibition presenting Archibald portraits from the last century. The Year 8s have had a focus on portraiture and it was amazing to see a collection of works of the last 100 years of the Archibald Prize.

The day was filled with a guided tour, creative workshops and an exhibition through Robert Wilson: Moving Portraits. Finally, students were led through the city on a tour of the Adelaide CDB’s street art.

A special thank you to all staff who attended, in particular, Ms Hammer-Irving, who organised the event. Students will be using the knowledge and inspiration gained from this excursion to complete their ceramics work and a multimedia portrait in Term 4, ready for the Champagnat Arts Exhibition Week 5 (14-18 November next term).

Year 12 Solo Performance Night

This term, our Stage 2 Music Performance students performed their solo repertoire to an audience of family and friends. Each student has to perform 6-8 minutes of repertoire showcasing their instrument and performance skills for SACE assessment. These students excelled on the night and finished the evening with a group performance. 

Thank you to their teacher, Bianca Baulis, for her work with this group over the year and to, Robyn Brookes and Skye McVicar for taking on the organisation of the concert at the last minute.

Robert Stigwood Business Lunch Concert

The Robert Stigwood Business Lunch was an opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Old Collegian, Robert Stigwood (SHC ‘50). Stigwood was a music entrepreneur and film producer, managing the Bee Gees and producing movies like Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Saturday Night Fever and Grease. 

In honour of his work, our Show Band and singers treated the guests at the luncheon to some classic music from Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Jesus Christ Superstar. These students worked hard over four rehearsals to bring these songs together and they did an amazing job. Well done to all involved!

On stage at the Riverland Field Days

After two years of Field Days being cancelled, we finally made it back to the Riverland Field Days stage. Despite the wet and windy weather, the Sacred Heart ensembles performed on both days to appreciative audiences, including Boarding staff; English teacher, Ms Ragg; and Maintenance staff, Phil Brown and Craig Kelly.

The Combined Drumline marched through the stalls announcing our performance and leading people to the stage area. Following this, our Marcellin Ensembles, Studio Band, Jazz Band, Show Band, Year 12 Band and Senior Vocal Ensemble performed. 

These passionate music students showed great community spirit, setting up and packing up together, and participating in the quiz night organised by the Arts Leaders on the Friday evening.

SHC rocks out at Rockfest

This year the Guitar Bands from Marcellin and Champagnat, and the Champagnat Rock Band entered a song via video into Rockfest, an online national rock band competition.

Check out their entries on the Rockfest YouTube channel:

SHC Guitar Rock Band – Senior Band RockFest 2022

SHC Champagnat Rock band – Senior Band RockFest 2022

Champagnat Guitar Band – Senior Band RockFest 2022

Marcellin Guitar Band – Senior Band RockFest 2022

Year 12 Art / Design and Photography Exhibition 

The Sacred Heart College Year 12 Art / Design and Photography Exhibition will open on Thursday 3 November, 5pm – 7pm in the Br Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre, Marcellin Campus.

This will be a wonderful evening of celebration of all students’ work for the year featured in the exhibition.

Join us for some short speeches of congratulations at 6.30pm.

CEA Music Night – Tickets on sale now!

Parents and Friends are invited to the end of year Marcellin Hearts Ensemble Concert.

Thursday 20 October, 7pm
Br Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre, Marcellin Campus

Please book tickets here.

Students from all CEA Marcellin bands, choirs and ensembles will present their repertoire from this semester. We will also say thank you and farwell our Year 12 Music students. 

We hope to see you there!

Music Education Research

There have been many scientific studies into the benefits of learning music, including the development of cognitive skills which includes thinking, reading, learning, remembering, reasoning and paying attention. 

In June this year, the UK adopted a Music strategy in schools citing, “In the same way that we teach children literacy and numeracy to prepare them for adult life, we must also give them the musical tools they need for a lifetime of music-making and enjoyment. For some, music will be the foundation of a career in one of the country’s most important and globally-recognised industries. For others, it will provide experiences and skills which develop their creativity. For many, music will simply be a source of joy, comfort and companionship throughout their lives.”

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) also rolled out its Amadeus Music program to 33,000 students across 150 primary and secondary schools, with students from Year 3 – 8 provided with classroom music lessons, ensemble lessons and small group tuition.

Just last week, Melbourne’s initiative, Music Education: Right From the Start has highlighted what can be done to lift quality music education and will actively work to support teachers, school leaders and policy-makers in lifting music education in Australia’s primary schools.

Music teachers in South Australia are continuing to advocate for quality, sequential music education for all students in Adelaide – the UNESCO City of Music – and we encourage parents and students to continue the conversation.