Arts News (Thursday 4 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

70s Arts Night – Champagnat

On Tuesday 28 June, Champagnat’s Performing Arts students and ensembles got down and groovy at the 70s-themed Arts Night. In the foyer, artwork was displayed from students across Years 7-9 and students and families had a photo opportunity with our groovy disco wall.

The night opened with a loud bang as the Drumline heralded the beginning of a time-warp back to the 70s before joining the Concert Band to play the Hogan’s Heroes theme. The Arts Leaders were our hosts for the night, introducing the Rock Band, Guitar Band, Sam’s Singers, The Vocal Ensemble, The Year 8 and Year 9 Class Bands and the Super Band. As part of this term’s band program, the Year 8 students also played ‘Bad Moon Rising’ on brass and woodwind instruments, showing an incredible arc of learning their new instruments. 

Interspersed through the night were dancers from the Year 8 and Year 9 classes, and some actors who put together key scenes from 70s movies, including ‘Jaws’, complete with shark!

The night ended with the staff band performing ‘The Nutbush’ and all the students combining on stage to dance the night away!

“The 70s night was very fun. Dressing up was as a different person for a night is always fun. Playing on stage was my favourite part of the night – especially seeing parents smile proudly or hearing little kids whisper to their parents and point. It is so great to know you’re making someone’s day a little bit better.” – Myles (Year 8 Arts Leader) 

Winter Cabaret

On Wednesday 29 June, the Marcellin Music Ensembles presented a Winter Cabaret. Transforming the Debourg and foyer into a winter wonderland, the atmosphere was chilled as the performers took to the stage. With several of the Year 12s unwell due to flu and COVID-19, repertoire and performers were rearranged and other students stepped in and put on a great show!

The combined Drumline from both campuses opened the night, leading to the first of two Guitar Bands. Concert Choir, Senior Vocal, Stage Band, Studio Band and the newly formed Jazz Band performed across the evening to an appreciative audience. Mrs Churchett’s Year 10 and 11 VET classes also performed, along with soloist Zara Pratt on saxophone.

It was a great night and the first performance of the year for many students and an opportunity for parents and friends to come along and be entertained. Thank you to Tim Fernandez, Cara McGlaughlin and the MSol team for providing soup and drinks in the foyer and for organising the raffle, with all proceeds going to the Marist Missions. 

Stage 2 Drama Production – ‘12 Angry Men

This week, the Stage 2 Drama class performed their Group Production of Reginald Rose’s classic play, ‘12 Angry Men’

Set in New York City within the four walls of a jury room, Rose’s play explores the complex biases, values and judgments that 12 jurors bring into the space as they deliberate over the innocence or guilt of a 16 year old boy on trial for the murder of his father. 

Entering the Debourg, the audience was immediately transported back to the 1950s with background music, and front of house actors playing street games and selling newspapers, which was cleverly designed as the program for the show. 

The play begins with a voice-over from the Judge reminding the jurors to be honest and thoughtful and if there is any reasonable doubt, that their verdict must be ‘not guilty’. Dressed in 1950s suits and hats, each of the student actors immersed themselves into their characters as they took apart the evidence piece by piece and presented it for consideration. Tensions flared as they argued small pieces of the case, as Juror questions, challenges and appeals to the others to consider the young boy’s life.  

This challenging piece of naturalistic drama sees the students onstage for the full play and they have done an extraordinary job to convey the intricacies of the script, perform as an ensemble and stay true to their characters. 

Congratulations to all the Stage 2 Drama class in their on-stage and off-stage roles; Skye McVicar for her set design; and Drama teacher and Director, Majo Bogatec for her vision in creating and supporting the students for their group performance.