From the Deputy Principal (Friday 2 July)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Year 12 Formal (Friday 25 June)

Last Friday, our Year 12 students gathered at The Entertainment Centre for the event of their year – The 2021 Year 12 Formal! Our young people certainly looked impressive as they glammed up in slightly different ways to the normal school uniform and ate, danced and “insta captured” the night away! Our thanks to the staff who attended the night and also to our Year 12 Leaders for their work in organising the theme of the night.

Science & Maths at Sacred Heart

South Australia’s Satellite Naming Competition
Congratulations to Jordan Khabwari from Year 7 for his entry into South Australia’s Satellite Naming Competition. Each school in SA was given an opportunity to submit one entry and Jordan’s was selected to represent SHC. Jordan would like to name the satellite “Radiance”. As part of the entry requirements, students were asked to provide a 200 word summary to explain their choice. 

South Australia’s satellite should be called “Radiance” because the name reflects SA’s bright, bold and thriving agriculture and animals. Radiance is a great name for this satellite because SA’s is so bright in all aspects and gives off a sense of belonging and connection between its land, fauna, flora and people. SA’s satellite should be called Radiance because this satellite will be radiating new information that will help SA’s agriculture thrive. This satellite will also radiate the great achievement of SA’s first satellite launch into space.

This satellite should be called Radiance because the name has an ora of life and diversity to it, due to the fact that it means “light or heat as emitted or reflected by something.” The meaning of Radiance being all about the emission of light or reflection of light this means that SA emits a great light, represented by its people, heritage, animals and linguistic diversity. This satellite will be shedding light upon SA, will help us to study our earth and will put SA on the map as well as be known for its space explorations. Therefore, this satellite must be called Radiance because the word best represents all aspects of South Australia.

Science & Engineering Challenge
This term, several of our Maths and Science students attended the Science and Engineering challenge regional competition. Students from Year 9 and 10 attended on Tuesday 8 June and a special day was allocated for Year 11 students on Wednesday 16 June as they missed out last year due to COVID-19. 

The elite teams of Future Scientists represented Sacred Heart in a variety of tough challenges and tasks, including the creation of an earthquake proof shelter, bionic hand, city power grid map, and more. The ‘bridge building’ was the ultimate challenge. The Year 9 team was very successful winning 3 of the 8 challenges over the course of the day, and their balsa wood bridge survived all but the bridge buster weight trial at the end of the challenge. The Year 11 team masterbuilt a tough, durable, and low-weight bridge, which did not buckle under the greatest possible weight! There was a great display of teamwork and collaboration amongst the students and a competitive drive to excel. Overall, the Future Scientists teams walked away from a day of successful engineering and construction, illustrating the potential applications of their studies in the wider world ahead. 

Well done to all students involved and a big thank you to Kerin Tinnion, Mark Furnell and Nick Macgregor for accompanying the students on these excursions.

Road Awareness Program (RAP) Information Evening (Wednesday 21 July)

All Parents/Caregivers are warmly invited to attend the Road Awareness Program (RAP) Information Evening on Wednesday 21 July in the Brother Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre, Marcellin Campus at 7.00pm – 8.30pm.

The presentation will be presented by a MFS Firefighter who will cover:

  • good attitudes, smart decision making and safe behaviours  
  • the dangers of excessive speeds, distractions and driving under the influence 
  • being a responsible passenger and pedestrian 
  • becoming a responsible driver
  • first-hand experience of the trauma suffered by all parties involved in both fatal and non-fatal road crashes 

“Our interactive PowerPoint presentation takes approximately 100 minutes, incorporating some photographic and video content showing graphic footage of real crashes and some crash recreations.  During the presentation, firefighters will share their personal experiences, with a focus on ways in which people are affected by road trauma and how a young person’s life may change following a motor vehicle crash. The highlight of the program is our guest speaker: a real life crash survivor who talks about their ordeal. Through sharing their story, they make an impassioned plea for others to learn from their mistakes.” 

At the conclusion of the presentation, parents will be asked to give feedback about how the program has impacted their attitudes to road use. 

We ask Parents/Caregivers to register their attendance via Trybooking (  

PLEASE NOTE:  Year 11 students will attend their own RAP Presentation during Pastoral Care on Wednesday 21 July, therefore they are not required to attend this event.

College Uniform Shop Trading Hours – Term 2 Holidays

A reminder the College Uniform Shop will reopen from Thursday 15 July during the Term 2 School Holidays.

  • Thursday 15 July: 1.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Friday 16 July: 1.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Saturday 17 July: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Further information relating to the College Uniform Shop can be found here.

Positive Education Parent Workshop Cancelled (Tuesday 20 July)

Unfortunately the Positive Education Parent Workshop planned for Tuesday 20 July has been cancelled as our presenter is unable to travel from NSW.  We apologise for this inconvenience and hope to reschedule for another time once COVID-19 restrictions and border closures are lifted.

Another busy week across our Hearts Community, check out the latest Sports News, Arts News & Careers News.

To conclude, I take this opportunity to wish all in our Hearts Community a safe and restful holiday period.  We pray that South Australia continues to be a COVID safe but should government advice change over the coming weeks we will communicate any changes to the commencement of Term 3 as information comes to hand.

Stay warm!

Shana Bennett
Deputy Principal