From the Deputy Principal (Friday 20 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Science Week

This weeks Science Week theme is “Food Different by Design” 

It honours the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. This theme covers a broad range of areas in food production and sustainable agriculture and explores topics such as biosecurity, food technology and laboratory-developed foods.

Ever considered eating insects? Insects are packed with real animal protein, beneficial fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and they are a prebiotic fiber. They’re animals we eat whole (all parts as opposed to just the meat) and their nutrients are more bioavailable than livestock muscle tissue or even wheat. One of the challenges, and also benefits, of raising insects is that they are what they eat in a significant way. Feed crickets carrots and they will be high in vitamin A. We can work with and control their diets to obtain an optimal product. Insects are the new frontier in nutrition. We know enough to begin but there is still so much more to discover.  

This week, students in Year 10 Science looked at how food production could be different by 2050 as population and food demand changes and increases. They investigated how factors such as sustainability and climate change can affect food production and consumption.

Students were shown a demonstration of edible worms and watched a video on the future of farming and also read an article about surprising statistics about global food consumption. The highlight was the chance for students to sample foods containing crickets which are high in protein such as cricket corn chips!

According to the CSIRO, “By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach around 9.6 billion people. The demand for food is expected to increase by 14% per decade; we will consume as much food in the next four decades as we have consumed in the previous few hundred years, representing around a 70% increase in production by 2050.”

Staff at Marcellin enjoyed a Science Week Brain Break morning tea on Friday 20th August where they sampled cricket chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cricket brownies, fried meal worms and cricket corn chips!

School Closure Day/Staff Professional Learning Day

A reminder that next Friday 27 August is a school closure day as staff across both campuses will be involved in professional learning.  This day is not an additional closure day but is as a result of the Professional Learning Week in April being only 4 days.

Intercollegiate Round

This weekend we look forward to hosting Intercol with Rostrevor College, following on from the Soccer and Basketball games that were played on Wednesday afternoon. This year marks the 98th Intercol with Rostrevor and the rich tradition of the event highlights the respectful regard we have for one another! We look forward to strongly contested games where sportsmanship and respect for one another are highlighted and celebrated. 

I especially thank and acknowledge the preparatory work undertaken by our Sports Coordinators, Sports Admin Staff and Grounds and Maintenance Staff for their organisation and commitment to ensuring a great weekend of sport occurs! If you are unable to attend over the weekend, you may like to check out the latest Intercol Program of Events, Live Streaming & Results via

Spectators at Intercol

A reminder that there are still density requirements for spectators at school sporting competitions, including Intercol are as follows:

Indoor Sports

  • Spectators at indoor sports are permitted (masks required).
  • All spectators must be seated. 
  • Once seating allocation has been exhausted additional spectators will not be permitted to enter the stadium.

Outdoor Sports

  • Spectators at outdoor sports are permitted – 1 person per 2 square metres.
  • We are limited to having 1,000 spectators at any one time – this will mean that once we reach capacity, additional spectators will not be permitted to enter the grounds.

We appreciate the above restrictions are not ideal but we are required to adhere to the requirements as stated by SA Health and Catholic Education South Australia. We trust that our Hearts Community will support us as we provide a COVID Safe environment for all.

Go Hearts!

Shana Bennett
Deputy Principal