From the Deputy Principal (Friday 30 October)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Champagnat Campus Sports Day (Friday 30 October)

Champagnat Campus gathered today to participate in one of the most anticipated days of the school year – Sports Day! 

Students dressed up in House colours and had a day of competition and House Spirit.

Thanks and acknowledgement is given to the Champagant Sports Coordinators, Jacqui Schar, Alex Jackson along with Mel Carey, Hayley Watts and the HPE department at Champagnat Campus. 

2020 Champagnat Campus Sports Day Awards
Champagnat ShieldChampagnat Spirit Cup

2020 Champagnat Campus Sports Day Age Champions
Year 7 GirlsYear 7 Boys
1stRachel HayballWade Bentley
2ndLucy CarrEutien Boey
Year 8 GirlsYear 8 Boys
1stSenna TakahashiHenry McKinnon
2ndRosie AkotNed Atkinson
Year 9 GirlsYear 9 Boys
1stTaylor DoakLucas Kelly
2ndIsabella CannellMax Downs

World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is held internationally in early October. As it falls during the school holidays in many parts of Australia, we celebrate a little later. While Champagnat staff spent the day celebrating Sports Day, staff at Marcellin Campus enjoyed receiving a little something from students along with a well deserved coffee at lunch time!  

Teachers at Sacred Heart have ensured high quality education continued this year, despite major challenges – reinforcing the significant role our teachers play in the lives of students, families and our wider Hearts communities. 

Marcellin Campus Exam Invigilators

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from members of the Sacred Heart College community to join our pool of volunteer Exam Invigilators at Marcellin Campus.

Exam Invigilators assist in the supervision of students as they undertake exams. Exams are held twice-annually at our Marcellin Campus. Exam Invigilators are engaged as volunteers and receive an honorarium payment. Information regarding volunteering with Sacred Heart College can be found at via clicking here.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Lauren Young, Human Resources Manager, via

Sacred Heart College Parent Survey

Each year we are required to undertake satisfaction surveys and analyse the resultant data and report on it to the Australian Government.

Parents and Caregivers are invited to complete this brief survey as developed by Education Services Australia for use by schools and can be completed via clicking here.

The survey is now open and will close on Friday 11 December at 4.00pm.

2021 School Year

A reminder to families that if your child is not returning to Sacred Heart for the 2021 school year please advise our Registrar, Virginia Miller, no later than 30 November 2020.  It is important that College operates on the most accurate enrolment numbers as we plan and staff for the new school year.  

We also advise families that the 2021 Fee and Financial Information, including discount forms are now on the College website and can be found here.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Shana Bennett
Deputy Principal