From the Deputy Principal (Friday 5 March)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Year 12 Retreat

Our Year 12 students have spent the later half of this week participating in the 2021 Year 12 Retreat. Across 5 houses in 5 different locations, our Year 12’s have had the chance to get away, be present with one another and discover more about themselves, their peers and their own spirituality.  

It is no mean feat to have 5 different retreats happening at the one time and our thanks and gratitude goes to Tim Fernandez, Karyn Sparrow, our retreat leaders, managers, staff and volunteers who made the retreats possible. I hope that the graduating Class of 2021 created memories over the last few days that will last well beyond their time at Sacred Heart.

Year 7 Leadership Speeches & Year 8/9 Pastoral Care

I had the pleasure and privilege of being present when the Year 7 portfolio leadership speeches were delivered to  the Year 7 student cohort on Tuesday.  I was utterly blown away by the inspiring, genuine and creative speeches delivered by 12 of our Year 7 aspiring leaders. To have this level of leadership, confidence and creativity at Year 7 left me full of hope for the future for both the College and our wider community.

I congratulate all Year 7 students who have put their hands up for a student leadership position, both as portfolio and house captains, just putting yourself forward takes courage.  I said to the group on Tuesday, leadership is more than a badge and a title and even if you don’t have the formal opportunity this year, you can still be a leader in your own way. Courageous Hearts!

Whilst Year 7 House Leadership speeches were being conducted on Thursday morning, a group of our Year 11 Leaders visited Champagnat Campus to speak to the Year 8 and Year 9 cohorts about respect. Sara Amirghiasvand and Mollie Jamieson spoke to the Year 8s about ‘Respect for Others’, while Gabby Malak, Mercedes Tierney and Tiki Freeman presented to our Year 9 students about ‘Respect for Self’, two of our key themes for Extended Homeroom in 2021.

It was inspiring to hear our Year 11 leaders speak with such passion and insight about how respect links to our Marist Characteristics and to the Sacred Heart vision of being a place of acceptance and belonging.  

Parents & Friends Welcome Evening (Friday 19 March)

The Parents & Friends Association warmly invites all Marcellin Campus Parents & Caregivers to attend the 2021 P & F Welcome Evening on Friday 19 March in the Brother Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre. 

The cost of the evening is $15/person which includes drinks and nibbles. Tickets can be purchased via Trybooking ( by Monday 15 March.

Last weekend students and staff who are participating in this year’s musical, “Back to the 80’s” spent a weekend together rehearsing, singing and getting into the 80’s theme.  As I popped in and had a sneak peak on Saturday I was transported back to my own teenage years through a medley of 80’s music!  Keep your eye out for further information about the musical which will take place in Week 2, Term 2.  I also take this opportunity to showcase our Arts Department and encourage you all to take a look at the first Art News of 2021.  

As we head into the long weekend I trust that all in our Hearts Community have the chance to enjoy the autumn weather and recharge a little before we hit the final weeks of Term 1.

Shana Bennett
Deputy Principal