From the Deputy Principal (Thursday 27 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

2020 Oliphant Science Awards

The 2020 Oliphant Science Awards wrapped up this week. This award is an annually held competition for South Australian school students from Reception to Year 12 and recognises the excellent work of students with prizes in each age group and category. 

We acknowledge the following students for their entries; Connor Brink, who created a solar-powered blimp, Amber Hunter and Neve Jamieson, who entered the ‘Life in the Wetlands’ photography category and Jess Humphry, who has received a Highly Commended for her video entry advocating against animal testing. Congratulations to all students.

John Hattie Presentation (Monday 24 August)

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on student learning and is critical to increasing students’ knowledge and skills and raising student achievement.

This week, our Staff across the College had the immense pleasure of simultaneously watching Professor John Hattie’s virtual keynote presentation on Effective Feedback.

Hattie’s Visible Learning research suggests that effective feedback and effective instruction improves the rate of learning twofold. All students deserve quality feedback that will help them to understand where they are in relation to the learning intention (where am I going?) ways in which they can demonstrate their knowledge and skills (how am I going?), and what their next steps need to be in order to close the gap between where they are currently and where they need to go (where to next?).

The Sacred Heart educators engaged in reflective conversations on feedback topics raised by Hattie, such as: 

  • feedback thrives on errors as they are opportunities to learn,
  • feedback on task, process, and student self-regulation,
  • there is not one single path to learning progression, there are multiple avenues,
  • any form of feedback (written, verbal, peer, etc.) is effective in improving learning outcomes,
  • and effective feedback at the instructional level will close the gap between where the student is and where they are meant to be.

Teachers who develop visible learners use assessments as feedback to themselves about the impact of their teaching. To close Hattie’s keynote presentation, each teacher wrote down their personal commitment towards Visible Learning for the remainder of 2020.

Entertainment Book

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Shana Bennett
Deputy Principal