From the Principal (Friday 11 June)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat Mass

This week saw the St Marcellin Champagnat Feast Day celebrated with a Mass on Wednesday at Marcellin and Thursday at Champagnat. 

At Marcellin, Mission Captains, Kristy and Jared, spoke about St Marcellin’s first day at school, where he witnessed the poor treatment of a fellow student. Upset by this, he preferred to work on the family farm. In his teenage years, he responded to God’s call to join the priesthood and would later found the Marist Brothers, who are present in schools, universities and communities in over 80 countries. On behalf of the Sacred Heart College community, Kristy and Jared also acknowledged the contributions of the Marist Brothers currently living in the Somerton Park residence, who combine for more than 300 years of service to the legacy and inspiration of St Marcellin.

At Champagnat, we celebrated our first Mass with Fr Joseph Raja (new Parish Priest of St Ann’s Parish). We called to mind the 2021 Marist theme:“Breathe the spirit of life,” as St Marcellin was in tune with the gift of the Holy Spirit that calls us all to be in relationship with God.  Following the Mass, Mission Leader, Andrew and Arts Leader, Marnie Mae took on the personas of St Marcellin and Br Stanislaus and recounted their experience of the well-known Marist story entitled ‘Memorare in the Snow’.  The pair were interviewed by Campus Captain, Genny and Arts Leader, Jay. 

Youth Minister, Cara McGlaughlin, reflects on ‘..being Marist’

At each celebration Cara shared some of her Marist Journey:

I have been lucky enough to experience Marist ministries and encounter Marist Brothers and lay-people from all walks of life, and all over the country. The Marists do good work in so many places and communities, but what never fails to amaze me is the incredible, lasting impact that even the smallest act of service can have, when your priority is to connect, encounter, listen and understand. When we live our lives for the sake of loving others, we quickly come to understand that being Marist is not something we can achieve alone, but something we must act, love and walk with one another to live up to everyday.

Before Marcellin passed away, he left for us the hope that he prayed for for all Marists; that it be said of us as it was of the early Christians – see how they love one another. Now, almost 200 years after Marcellin’s death, his mission lives on. Today, you and I are the young Marists that Marcellin saw, acknowledged and called to share in his ministry. It is in the relationships that we Marists share with one another that Marcellin’s mission has lived on for over 200 years, but today, Marcellin’s call to young people now goes out to you. There is no other, but us, but you and I. We are the young Marists of today, and it is simple to see how we love one another. 

As we celebrate the Feast of St. Marcellin Champagnat, I invite you to listen to the call, to witness the community of Marists around you, and to open your hearts and minds to taking on Marcellin’s challenge for us as young Marists. There truly is no other but you, and so my prayer is that you work to foster family spirit in all that you do, that you create community around you always, and that you be Marist and you be that well. Love them all, and love them all equally as you carry your Marist identity with you wherever you go, knowing that where there are Marists, there will always be a seat for you at the table.

Vinnies School Sleepout

Last Friday, Sacred Heart College joined with Cardijn College for the annual St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleep Out, held at Cardijn. Over 60 young people came together for the event and the group were privileged to hear from Tony, a Vinnies employee who gave insight into the reality of the living conditions for some of those they regularly support.

Those present were able to articulate a clear sense of gratitude for their fortunate situations, especially the simple pleasures that we can sometimes take for granted. This included a meal on the table each night, a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in each night.

A big thanks goes to Cara McGlaughlin for her work in organising this event and to the staff who attended on the night.

MSol Initiatives – Soup Kitchen and Homework Club

This term has seen the MSol team put some of their intentions into action. Students at Marcellin and Champagnat have created a Soup Kitchen, coming together in weeks 2, 4 and 7 to make large quantities of soup that will be delivered to the Adelaide Day Centre. At the appropriate time, these meals will be provided to those without a meal for the evening. A big thank you to Caruso’s Fresh Food at Glenelg for their kind donations of vegetables and to the students across Years 7-12 who have given up their Monday afternoons to support this initiative.

Sacred Heart has also partnered with Stella Maris Parish School to set up a Homework Club on Monday afternoons. The three week trial ran across weeks 5-7 and has been very well supported by students from both schools, creating an enjoyable environment for learning and making connections… and there was plenty of homework completed in the process!!! The Homework club will recommence from Week 2 of next term. If you would like to be involved, listen out for more information in the daily SEQTA notices early in Term 3.

Stage 2 Child Studies – Nature Play

On Monday, we had some “younger” visitors on site in Walter Park for the Stage 2 Child Studies Nature Play Morning. 

As part of their summative assessment, students are required to examine the benefits of nature play for children, as well as consider the sociocultural factors that may present barriers to this type of play. For their practical component, they are asked to create a nature based station that provides an opportunity for children (6 months – 4 years) to engage in outdoor play.

A beautiful way to start the week!

Positive Education Parent Workshop

The Sacred Heart P&F have recently been awarded a grant by the Federation of Catholic School Parents Communities to facilitate a Parent Workshop on Positive Education. The Positivity Institute, who have been working closely with College staff on formation have been engaged to run a 1 hour session for Sacred Heart families on the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Positive Education & the Sacred Heart Pillars
  • How the principles of Positive Education support young people to flourish
  • Using Positive Education at Home

All families are warmly invited to attend this P&F run event, to be held at Champagnat Campus on Tuesday 20 July at 7pm. The session will provide families with an overview of the key framework we use to support student wellbeing at Sacred Heart.

Professional Learning Day (Friday 27 August)

Families are advised that on Friday 27 August (Week 6, Term 3), staff across both campuses will be engaged in professional learning and as such each campus will be closed to students.

Each year we put aside a Professional Learning Week. This year we chose to utilise the four days post Easter. This is the fifth day and Staff will be undertaking further professional development in Visible Learning. 

As we head into the long weekend it is timely to refocus and prepare for the final three weeks of the term. In the few weeks ahead: Semester 1 concludes which will see final assessments completed, examinations where required, workshops and a semester changeover – and something known as The Formal! Due to the disparity in the weeks of each term, Semester 2 commences in the final week of Term 2. A family discussion over the extended weekend as to a productive conclusion to the first semester may well enhance your student/s achievement – finishing well is a constant theme at the College.

Next week I will be a participant at the Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools SA Retreat. I leave the College in the most capable hands of our Deputy Principal, Shana Bennett.

Steve Byrne