From the Principal (Friday 13 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Hutt Street Centre Walk-a-Mile

A big thank you to those from the Sacred Heart College family who have participated, donated or supported this years “Walk a Mile in My Boots” event. This week, over 150 participants gathered at Champagnat & Marcellin as a symbolic acknowledgement to those experiencing homelessness. There have been some extremely cold nights this winter and our thoughts go out to those sleeping rough at this time. We offer our praise and thanks to the Hutt Street Centre for their coordination of this activity.

Each year Hutt Street Centre serves up to 40,000 meals and offers social work and support services to nearly 2,000 people. 

Some of the services Hutt Street Centre provide include:

  • Showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Visiting health professionals 
  • Aged city living program for their older clients
  • Recreational activities
  • Training and employment programs
  • Legal aid and assistance with finding housing 

The Hearts Community have raised a remarkable $5,267 to the Hutt Street Centre. Donations are still welcome by clicking on the link below.

Feast of the Assumption

This Sunday, August 15th, the church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. This Feast Day would have been particularly important to St Marcellin because it recognises the special place Mary has within the Catholic Church as the Mother of Jesus. This is also why Marcellin loved the saying, “All to Jesus through Mary; all to Mary for Jesus,” because through Mary, we can come to know and love Jesus.

Student-led house liturgies were held at Champagnat and Marcellin this week with special performances from the Senior Vocal Ensemble, singing “Lord, I Need You”, and Lucy from Champagnat, performing “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman”.

We also acknowledge our sisters and brothers at Assumption College, Kilmore, as this weekend would have been the annual exchange, and we look forward to hopefully reuniting with them in 2022.

Hearts in The Advertiser

Our students have been busy this week from Robotics to Cyber Studies, spotted in The Advertiser on Monday & Thursday.

Year 7 student & Arts Leader, Abinav was featured for his team’s recent success in the Asia-Pasific Open Championship for Robotics. The team won the Robot Design Award in the LEGO league! Great work, Abinav!

Year 11 students, James & Issy visited St Peter’s College, Adelaide, South Australia last week to meet their peers from collaborating schools to further discuss the innovative subject, centring on cyber-related issues including cybersecurity, associated ethical dilemmas and how the cybersphere acts as an extension of our society.

Take a read here –

Spectators at School Sport – Update for Week 4

Yesterday afternoon, we were informed by the Department of Education that changes have been made to some of the requirements for spectators at school sporting competitions. The new arrangements now read:

Indoor Sports

  • Spectators at indoor sports are permitted – 1 person per 4 square metres (masks required).
  • Seated consumption of food and beverage is allowed
  • Communal food and beverages are not permitted.

Outdoor Sports

  • Spectators at outdoor sports are permitted – 1 person per 2 square meters.
  • Seated consumption of food and beverage is allowed
  • Communal food and beverages are not permitted.

This weekend round of sport is the Girls Finals! We have 20 teams playing in Netball Grand Finals! Other teams are playing their final matches for the season as well. Our Girls Sports Program is impressive – as are the results and level of enjoyment expressed by the girls across the various sports!

As a reminder, let’s ensure we conclude our winter season well by way of our respectful conduct on and off the field or courts – both our players and spectators. The recent focus on racism in AFL should serve as a reminder as to what is acceptable and what is not: Racism No Way! (

Go Hearts!!!!

Steve Byrne