From the Principal (Friday 23 October)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Class of 2020 Graduation Celebrations

This week our Class of 2020 commenced the concluding celebrations of their time at Sacred Heart College.

The Year 12 Graduation Mass was held on Wednesday evening, an opportunity for students to reflect on their spiritual journey whilst at the College and how they will go into the world being game changers. Father Michael shared the importance of Family Spirit, Presence, Love of Work, Simplicity and In the way of Mary and how they are exemplified in life beyond school. He challenged our Year 12’s to make a difference in the lives of others through small acts of kindness.

On Thursday afternoon, Marcellin Campus gathered for the Year 12 Graduation Assembly where we recognised the outstanding achievements of the graduating class. The musical performance “Clocks” by Coldplay was a fitting tribute to the Year 12 cohort as the line “nothing else compares” summed up their unique experience of their final year. The celebration in Walter Park marked the beginning of next phase for our Year 12 students. As they shared memories with one another, the Class of 2020 acknowledged the challenges they had overcome throughout the year had been driven by the strength and resilience of their fellow peers.

The Year 12 Boarders Graduation Dinner was held on Thursday evening at Morphettville Racecourse, celebrating the conclusion of their time in the Boarding House. It was wonderful to see our Boarding families gather for such a significant occasion and recognise the complexities this year has produced for life in Boarding.     

Each year the graduating class is challenged to act with dignity and respect during their final week of classes which includes the above traditional ceremonies.

The Class of 2020 have done so in style and it is with a sense of pride that I share this. Concluding this particular phase of their lives, with only exams and perhaps an assignment or two to complete, is an anxious time – especially during a pandemic.

As our College Captains, Sophie and Adam, shared in their speech this has been a year in which many things have been taken from them but they have persevered with a courageous sense of audacity and hope!

My challenge to the Class of 2020 at the Graduation Mass was to embrace the call to a new humanity which is a deeply spiritual and personal call.

It is a journey of growing in our understanding of our known and yet mysterious universe, and in our understanding of God’s great desire for us to be who we are called to be.

It is a human journey of both risk and responsibility, of challenge and gift, of a life bursting with possibility and meaning.

It is a journey where each one of us is invited to ponder what we can create in our response to the question, ‘What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

We wish the Class of 2020 every success into the future!

Steve Byrne