From the Principal (Friday 27 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Wear it Purple Day

On Thursday, Sacred Heart College took part in the Wear It Purple Day. This foundation strives to support, empower and promote inclusivity in our environments for young people who identify as LGTBQ+. With the message of ‘start the conversation, keep it going,’ students participated in raising awareness by wearing purple ribbons, socks and hair ties.

Chavoin House supported the event by providing a bake sale of purple donuts and cupcakes held at recess and lunch which were a hit amongst many students eager to donate and support a great cause. With the school filled with purple, inclusivity and pride, our students were able to raise significant funds for the Wear It Purple and Me4U organisations.

Staff Professional Learning Day

This morning, teaching staff from both campuses gathered at Champagnat for a professional learning day focussed on ‘Feedback’, which is proven to be one of the most effective ways to enhance student learning outcomes. This complemented previous learning our staff have engaged with in developing learning intentions and success criteria at surface, deep and transfer levels. 

Teachers then met in learning area workshops to delve into Professor John Hattie’s research to develop strategies for both creating and receiving feedback so that students know “where they’re going, how they’re doing, and where to next?” As a College, we are committed to developing a culture of effective feedback amongst both staff and students.

Enrolments Update

Applications are currently being processed for commencement in Year 7 in 2023. Current families with siblings eligible for commencement at this entry point are requested to please complete an Application for Enrolment Form for their child as soon as possible. 

Application Forms can be accessed from the College website or collected from the Front Office at both the Champagnat and Marcellin Campuses. It is important that applications for all siblings are received well in advance to ensure placement. 

Planning is well underway for the 2022 school year. A reminder for families that may be considering leaving the College at the end of 2021, that written leaving notification to the College one term in advance is required. Failure to give such notice will incur an exit fee in accordance with our current enrolment agreement.

For any questions in relation to enrolments, please do not hesitate to contact Virginia Miller, College Registrar, on 8350 2580 or all Boarding enquiries, please contact Julie Raymond, Personal Assistant to the Head of Boarding, on 8350 2559 or

As the term progresses and the usual events unfold, we have received numerous enquiries as to when we might be able to conduct things such as the Parent/Teacher interviews in person? This is a fair question! The official response from Health SA is as follows:

The risk of a COVID-19 outbreak is extremely high for SA. We share borders with 5 states and territories, two of which are in complete lockdown and cases are now occurring in regions. A leak into our state seems inevitable and the delta variant is significantly more transmissible than previously. All COVID Safe requirements at present are in the interests of minimising and limiting risks, particularly in the case of potential unknown transmission yet to be identified. There will be no change in measures for the foreseeable future.

So, as vaccination numbers increase and consideration is being made in regard to children being vaccinated, the above advice puts life in South Australia in perspective. We are privileged to enjoy a ‘non-locked down’ lifestyle – for now!

Wishing you all well.

Steve Byrne