From the Principal (Friday 3 July)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Br Jordan Redden & Br Joe Hughes Jubilee

Brother Jubilarians!

Yesterday we celebrated two very significant anniversaries. Brother Jordan (‘Jordo’) celebrated 75 years as a Brother and Br Joe, 60 years. Br Jordan was a student at Sacred Heart in 1940/41 and has been a special member of our community for 80 Years having taught at both Mitchell Park and Somerton Park. He has served in many and varied roles! The Redden family are stalwarts of the College and ‘Jordo’ has ensured their family spirit, much aligned to the Marist Family spirit, has endured across two centuries!

Br Joe is an active presence at Marcellin Campus, especially amongst the Boarders and leads the singing of the ‘Sub Tuum’ at Boarders Mass each Sunday. He has been readily welcomed into the Hearts Community in recent years and expressed his sincere thanks for the recognition he and Br Jordan received for their significant Jubilees!

We give thanks by way of a deep expression of gratitude to Brothers Jordan and Joe, and all the Marist Brothers who have served at Sacred Heart, and who in essence, built the foundations and forged the pathways to what is our fine College today!

College Uniform Shop Holiday Trading Hours

A reminder the College Uniform Shop will be open during the last week of the Term 2 Holidays:

  • Thursday 16 July: 1.00pm – 6.00pm 
  • Friday 17 July: 1.00pm – 6.00pm 
  • Saturday 18 July: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Further information relating to the College Uniform Shop can be found here.

End of Term 2

Can you recall how this term commenced? Following the closure of schools in South Australia from Holy Week, Term 2 began in an atmosphere of trepidation as the impact of the pandemic lessened but lingered. However, by Week 2 the vast majority of students had returned rather excitedly to school and the Boarders followed not long after.

A range of restrictions have been imposed and lifted, arts and sports have slowly returned and we conclude the term near to what we might term ‘business as usual’ – almost!

Working our way through these three months has been demanding and tiring. Optimism has slowly grown and we South Australians have fared incredibly well. Trekking our way through the crisis has required courage of many sorts and the many examples of mutual support across the College has been most evident and greatly appreciated. Well done to all!

A reminder Term 3 will commence on Tuesday 21 July. Staff will participate in a Professional Learning Day on Monday 20 July. 

Wishing you a peaceful and rejuvenating mid-year break!

Courageous Hearts. Sacred Heart!

Steve Byrne