From the Principal (Friday 4 September)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Golden Laces – Childhood Cancer Association

Last week Sophie Agostino (SHOC ‘17) organised a special display of support for her sister, Charlotte, from the Oakdale Netball Club and other SA State league Clubs by wearing golden laces. The Oakdale Netball Club and other teams ‘really got around it’ to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer and the challenges this presents to families such as the Agostinos.

This weekend, the Sacred Heart Community are going to ‘really get around the Childhood Cancer’ cause, supporting Charlotte and her family: Jo, Anthony, Jack (‘15) and Sophie (‘17) by wearing gold laces, ribbons & tape across the Marcellin Campus sports teams. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month so what a great way to raise awareness!

Year 12 Student, Leticia Camilleri has also taken on this fantastic cause for her Year 12 Kindness Project and will be selling gold pins and ribbons on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime to support this cause. The Childhood Cancer Association runs solely on donations so Go Gold and Give! –

Year 9 Rite Journey Calling Ceremony 2020

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to gather for our Year 9 Rite Journey Calling Ceremony.

The below video has been created to guide parents through the process and is supported by a script, which was shared with students today. The video captures the sacredness of the Calling Ceremony and the special moment shared between parent and child. Our deepest gratitude to Isabel & Jamie and Ben & Barbara for allowing us to film their special moment.

To all our Year 9 families, we wish you well in undertaking the Calling Ceremony with your son or daughter as you celebrate their journey to adulthood.

Founder’s Day 2020

The annual Founder’s Day and Mission March will proceed in 2020, albeit in a modified format.

As per normal, we will be seeking to raise much needed funds for Marist community projects in India, Sri Lanka, Fiji and The Philippines.  This year, more than ever, these communities need our support. We are encouraging all students to raise a minimum of $10.00 to go towards our fundraising pool in 2020. All donations will be made online through the following link:

Prizes will be awarded for the highest individual donor in each House at each campus, so be sure to include all required details when submitting your donation. As always, thank you for your support of our Marist mission.

Sibling Enrolments

Enrolments are currently being finalised for Year 7 entry in 2022 and placements are now very limited. Current families with sibling’s eligible to commence at this entry point, are requested to please complete an Application for Enrolment Form for their child as soon as possible. Application Forms can be accessed from the College website or collected from the Front Office at both the Champagnat and Marcellin campuses. An application is required for all siblings and it is important that they are received well in advance to ensure placement.

Planning is well underway for the 2021 school year with subject selections presently being collated. Families that may be considering leaving the College at the end of 2020, are required to provide one term’s written leaving notification to the Principal. Failure to give such notice will incur an exit fee in accordance with our current enrolment agreement.

For Enrolment enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Virginia Miller on 8350 2580 or via email 

For Boarding enquiries, please contact Boarding Registrar, Bernadette Buchanan on 8350 2559 or via email

Celebrating Father’s Day – SchoolTV

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this Special Report highlights how the role of fathers has changed dramatically over the centuries and the positive impact they can have on their children’s mental health. It is also a gentle reminder for them to ensure their own well being and seek help if necessary.

Happy Father’s Day, in all its versions, to all our dads!

Steve Byrne