From the Principal (Friday 5 June)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Feast of St. Marcellin Champagnat Liturgy

Tomorrow marks our Founder’s Feast Day. During these challenging times our traditional means of gathering and celebrating are not possible. So, we need to be more creative! St Marcellin would be proud of us for solving such problems and celebrating regardless – not so much his feast day but celebrating as a community built on the faith based virtues which he tried to live by and which are his legacy to the world. Without St Marcellin there are no Marist Brothers and there is no Sacred Heart!

Our Students and Staff prepared a thought provoking and inspiring liturgy which you can view here. Last week I raised the issue of our spiritual wellbeing in a world of turmoil. Why not find a quiet place, prepare to contemplate the message of Marcellin and the core values of Sacred Heart by viewing this liturgy of 25 minutes? 

Isaac White

This afternoon, the College’s Open A/B Basketball squad was fortunate to have Isaac White (SHOC ’16) train with them.

Isaac is entering his senior year of University at California Baptist University after recently transferring from Stanford University after 3 years in their basketball program.

He has always returned to his home courts, continuing to train and contribute to the Hearts Basketball Program. Isaac is more than willing to share his experiences with the group and what it means to be a Hearts Basketballer.

Year 7 & 8 Leadership Formation

This week, the Year 7 and Year 8 Leadership Teams participated in a Leadership Formation Day learning about leadership in a Marist Community and being inspired by the leadership of St Marcellin Champagnat.

Throughout the day, we discussed how a person would show the different types of leadership and how they would use this around the College. We learnt about each others’ character strengths which we can use in the future to work better with each individual. We then worked with the Year 9 Leadership Team to brainstorm what Positive Education at Sacred Heart means to us. It was really fun to discuss the benefits of Positive Education to get to know the Year 9 Leaders. Finally, we worked in our House groups and developed some goals to improve the Family Spirit within each House. 

Towards the end of the day, Mr Byrne came and spoke to us about what makes a great leader and reiterated that all leaders are there to serve their community first. He invited us to think deeply about what we could take from the day and to ensure we put our words into action. It was wonderful to share lunch together as a team and reflect on how we had grown as individuals and as leaders. We look forward to sharing our goals and initiatives with the wider community in the weeks to come.

In reflecting on how the Marist Characteristic of Family Spirit informs our Leadership, a group of leaders said:

“Being a family means we bring people together and share what we have – gifts, talents, and resources.It allows us to see that the most effective way to make an impact in society, is by coming together and working as a community”

– Tom Dermody and Tyla Slape, Year 8 Montagne House Leaders

“Joseph and the boy Jesus” Sculpture

Today the “Joseph and the boy Jesus” sculpture from the original Marymount College campus at Seacombe Gardens was affixed in pride of place in the Champagnat Campus entrance forecourt. Mrs Sharon Bentley recounts that the statue was in the library garden at Seacombe Gardens and it was then relocated to the office garden at Hove and is now at the site of the former ‘St Joseph’s! Just like Sacred Heart College – it’s been a journey!

Sr. Jimsy

This week marked a very special occasion for Sr Jimsy who celebrated 20 years of commitment to the Passionist Sisters.

We share in Sr Jimsy’s excitement and thank her for the joy she brings to our Sacred Heart Community. Sr Jimsy has been providing spiritual nourishment and support to Sacred Heart for nearly 5 years. Her infectious positivity and commitment to the Catholic Faith and our community is unwavering. An incredible milestone which is to be celebrated!

Friday 19 June (Week 8, Term 2)

  • Both Champagnat Campus (Pastoral Focus) and Marcellin Campus (Semester Change-over) will have a student free day on Friday 19 June (Week 8, Term 2).
  • Term 3 will commence on Tuesday 21 July (Monday 20 July – Professional Learning Day for Staff).

Student Photos

A reminder Student Photos will be held on Wednesday 17 June (Marcellin Campus) and Thursday 25 June (Champagnat Campus). Students will be photographed in Homeroom classes, individually and with the option to have a sibling photo.

Students are asked to pay attention to their uniform and on this day in particular and note the following:

  • Full college winter uniform is required.
  • Facial/Body piercings are not permitted.
  • Students may wear one plain, small pair of gold, silver, pearl, diamond sleepers or studs.
  • Students must be clean shaven.
  • Hair that is of shoulder length must be tied up in a ponytail, and neatly off the face (no “top buns” are permitted).
  • Light barely visible foundation is the only makeup that will be accepted.

Details of the College Uniform and Grooming Policy can be found here. Order forms & further information will be provided to families next week via email.

As we head into the long weekend it is timely to reflect that the first six weeks of this term have been tumultuous in terms of constantly developing and changing COVID-19 regulations and the consequent impacts. Having an extra day to refresh and reload is most welcome, especially for our boarders who are living in their ‘school home’ under far stricter conditions then all other students.

I hope you all get to enjoy some time and space with loved ones!

Steve Byrne