From the Principal (Thursday 25 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Education Minister launches Encounter Youth program at Sacred Heart

Yesterday we welcomed the Minister for Education, Training and Skills, The Hon. Blair Boyer MP and Encounter Youth CEO, Mr Nigel Knowles to launch the new ‘Empower Education’ program run by Encounter Youth and targeting young people and vaping.

Encounter Youth, which have presented to students and families on a range of topics at Sacred Heart over the years, is the largest provider of specialist Alcohol & Other Drug education in South Australia. The Empower Education program aims to provide preventative vaping education for high school students and is open to schools around the state.

99th Annual Intercollegiate Round – ‘Respect Outweighs Rivalry’

This week marks the beginning of the Annual Intercollegiate Round against Rostrevor College – a tradition that began 99 years ago on Saturday 14 July 1923 on Sacred Heart College grounds.

Sacred Heart College has again welcomed our Rostrevor friends for four days filled with College pride, sportsmanship, mutual respect and enduring friendships, which kicked off with Soccer and Basketball yesterday!

For the full Program of Events, live streaming and real-time score updates, please visit our website here.

Please note that details may be subject to change. Please check the Program of Events close to the day.

We look forward to seeing many of our Hearts Community supporting our teams. Go Hearts!

Urban garden transformation

Across the last couple of weeks, Year 11 and 12 students have been helping turn an old concrete balcony at Marcellin Campus into an urban garden.

Using 100% recycled timber, the Stage 2 Wood Technology class built planter beds, outdoor settings and decorations.

The Stage 1 and 2 Geography classes then lined the planter beds, filled them with soil and planted veggies and plants. 

We expect it will be booming in a couple of months with that beautiful northern sun. This experience has also given our students a resource to learn some practical skills in providing themselves with sustainable food sources, how to use our natural resources sustainably and urban garden planning. 

The students are on a roster to water the garden, control pests and organically fertilise the few plants that need it. 

A special thanks to the students who took part in this wonderful initiative, and to the staff – Michael Boers, Scott Smelter, Scott Cua, Kurtis Harrison and Steve Byrne – for their support in getting this project off the ground. 

Japanese online meet with Okayama Sozan High School

On Tuesday 23 August, Stage 1 and 2 Japanese classes met Japanese students from our official partnership school in Japan, Okayama Sozan High School, through a Google Meet online exchange. This online exchange was the third meeting between Sacred Heart College and Okayama Sozan High School in 2022. Students discussed their Stage 1 and 2 Japanese research topics and school life in both Japanese and English.

Usually, Sacred Heart College host Japanese students annually from our partnership school and visit them in Japan on a Japan Study Tour. However, Japan Study Tours and hosting Okayama Sozan High School students have been cancelled since 2020 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The online exchange activities have been helping Sacred Heart students use the Japanese Language with native speakers and establish friendships with Japanese students. 

Year 10 STEM visits MicroX for National Science Week

Last Friday (20 August) the Year 10 STEM class attended the MicroX event at the Tonsley Campus of Flinders University as part of 2022 Science Week: Glass, more than meets the eye. Students were involved in several activities, including the use of micropipettes, exploring virtual and augmented reality programs, viewing boston dynamics ‘cyber hounds’, making slime, and much more!

The class heard from Professor Justin Chalker regarding the amazing work that has been done to create a sustainable generation of household items, building materials and medicines, all through the use of sulphur. The day finished with a special tour of the MicroX facility, led by Chief Engineer, Anthony Skeats. The students were able to learn about and interact with newly created miniaturised X-ray technologies which look to aid several aspects of society in rural and metropolitan areas.The MicroX event was highly relevant, interesting, and engaging for our Year 10 STEM students, inspiring us to keep exploring further into science and where it will lead us all in future.

R U OK? Day at Sacred Heart – ‘A conversation could change a life’

R U OK? Day, held on September 8 2022 (Thursday of Week 7)  inspires and empowers everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and start a conversation with those who may be struggling.

By asking R U OK? then listening, encouraging action and checking in, your conversation could change a life. When someone is struggling it can be hard for them to reach out. That’s why we call on those around them who might notice, to start the conversation and encourage them to speak about what might be troubling them.

Across the course of the coming weeks in the lead up to R U OK? Day, students and staff at the College have developed a number of activities to bring R U OK? to the fore. This will include the following at each campus:

Champagnat Campus

Week 5
Friday: Staff Wear It Purple Day (in alignment with SHC’s Home For All Hearts initiative

Week 6
Wednesday: Mission Community Night at Marcellin Campus including painting, music, mindfulness and dinner for Game Changers and MSol students

Monday – Friday: Mental Health education Kahoots available via SEQTA notices.

Week 7
Monday – Friday: Before school activities including Mindfulness and Conversation Bingo, Yoga, Board games, R U OK? Cafe and a Dance Party! Please see full list of activities and locations here.

Marcellin Campus

Week 6
Wednesday: Mission Community Night at Marcellin Campus including painting, music, mindfulness and dinner for Game Changers and MSol students.

Week 7
Thursday: R U OK? Cafe including mindfulness and wellbeing activities before/after school and during recess and lunch. Donuts for sale in support of suicide prevention through R U OK?

Champagnat Campus Year 8-9 2023 Subject Selections

This week we commenced the process of Subject Selections for 2023 for our current Year 7 and Year 8 students. Year 7 students attended an information session on Monday afternoon where we outlined the subjects they can choose and the process they need to follow to enter their selections. Year 8 students had a similar session today. Students are encouraged to discuss their selections with their Homeroom teachers and parents and access the Sacred Heart College Curriculum Handbook to look at the range of opportunities and pathways before making their selection. 

Parents have been emailed today the information in regard to the process and subject information shared with the students.

Year 10 2023 Subject Selections

Year 9 students attended a subject selection information session this morning which outlined the subject options for Year 10 at Marcellin Campus in 2023. Heads of Learning Areas presented information about electives and students were informed about core subjects and the subject selection process. Students will have access to the information from today’s presentation via a Google classroom and are encouraged to review the resources provided prior to entering their subject choices online. Information about this process will be available to parents at the Year 9 into 10 Welcome Expo. Subject selections are required to be entered into Edval Choice by Friday 2 September. 

Year 9 into 10 New Student Welcome Expo (Wednesday 31 August)

Students currently in Year 9 and attending Marcellin in Year 10 2023 are warmly invited to attend the New Student Welcome Expo with their parents/caregivers next week (Wednesday 31 August at 7pm).

A number of key Marcellin staff will be present, including the Marcellin Leadership Team, Heads of Houses and Heads of Learning Areas.

The evening will commence at 7pm with a presentation. After this, students and parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to talk to Heads of Houses and get further subject information from Heads of Learning Areas. With subject selections for Year 10 2023 due at the end of next week, this will be a good opportunity to seek any final subject information.

Years 10-12 Parent/Teacher Interviews

We look forward to welcoming parents who have booked Year 12 Parent/Teacher interviews in the McAteer Centre this evening. Parents unable to attend are encouraged to contact teachers if they have queries about their daughter’s or son’s progress.

Parent/Teacher interviews for Boarding students are being held on Friday 2 September and Year 10-11 interviews are being conducted across two sessions on Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 September.

Further information about requesting interviews will be communicated directly to parents via email.

Schoolies Festival Information Night for Parents (Thursday 25 August)

For parents and caregivers of school leavers, the end of the year can bring anxiety and fear.

Encounter Youth’s Green Team has been a presence at Schoolies Festival for many years, and work hard to ensure that young people look after each other and make responsible decisions in risk taking contexts.

The Schoolies Festival Information Session for Parents will be held tonight at 7pm, following Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews. The session will aim to help inform parents/caregivers about the strategies Encounter Youth have in place to make the Schoolies Operation as positive and safe as possible for all students.

Support our Hearts at Intercol with our Limited Edition 125 Years Merchandise

Support our SHC teams at Intercol and keep warm with our limited edition 125 Years SHC jumpers, scarves and beanies!

All 125 Year merchandise will be available to purchase at Marcellin during the Intercol at various games on Wednesday and Saturday, as well as available to order via our College’s Online Store, but be quick as items are available for a limited time only!

All proceeds raised will be donated to the Marist Immersion Program and the SHOC Hearts Hub Project. 

We thank you for your support! Go Hearts!

Even a brief overview of this edition of the Hearts News is indicative of the apparent return to the near normal array of events resembling  pre- COVID. There is a sense of optimism permeating the Hearts community which is infectious! 

A key trait of Marist Education is ‘Audacity and Hope!’ The current mood resembles this sense of audacity and hope as we gradually emerge, with gratitude, from the challenges and struggles of the past few years to enjoy a fullness of life at Sacred Heart!

As for Intercol 99 – Go Hearts!

Steve Byrne