Hearts News (Week 10, Thursday 6 April 2023)

Stations of the Cross was enacted by our Year 10 Drama students last year to remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made in his last days for the forgiveness of sins, and anticipate the hope that his resurrection brings on Sunday.

To our Sacred Heart College community

Farewell to some special staff:

Robyn Sutherland
Robyn started at Sacred Heart College in 2004 and for the past nine years has worked as our Aboriginal Program Coordinator. Our program started in 2014 with six brave students, and thanks to Robyn’s incredible generosity and vision, has grown far beyond what we might have imagined almost a decade ago. Former student, and current staff member, Chloe Gibson remarked, by way of tribute: “[Robyn] has supported so many students and families within her nine years and I can confidently say that she has been a reason for many of these students completing Year 12, including me!”

This paragraph can’t capture the essence of what Robyn really means to the students and the program as a whole. Because, to be honest, you can’t really put words to what is essentially someone’s heart and soul. Robyn has given every part of her being to the young people and families in her care; her legacy is enormous. 

Trevor Freeman
Trevor has been the Sacred Heart College Business Manager since 2007, starting first at Sacred Heart College Middle School and carrying on this work post-amalgamation. He has been a Business Manager in Catholic Education for a total of 24 years. Trevor is known for his extraordinarily astute financial management, overseeing well over $50m worth of building programs across two campuses, and leaving the College in, quite possibly, the best financial position it has ever been in. Nonetheless, many families have been beneficiaries of Trevor’s empathetic response if assistance has been required. Trevor is known for his fairness and meticulous attention to detail, and whilst his contributions will be greatly missed, his legacy is evident in much of the infrastructure our students and staff enjoy today.

Happy Easter!
As a Catholic community, the Easter season comes at the perfect time to both reflect on the Term that has come and to wait in joyful hope for what is to unfold for the remainder of the year. Easter invites us to take stock of the challenges we experience, our shortcomings, the hurt in our world and our lives, and transform them through love and hope. Franciscan Friar, Fr Richard Rohr argues that “the true meaning of the raising of Jesus is that God will turn all our human crucifixions into resurrection.” Fr Richard explains  that:

“Jesus’ death and resurrection is a statement of how reality works all the time and everywhere… [and] death is not only physical dying, [but]  also means going to the full depths of things, hitting the bottom, going beyond where we’re in control. In that sense, we all go through many deaths in our lives, tipping points when we have to ask, “What am I going to do?” Many people turn bitter, look for someone to blame, and close down. Their “death” is indeed death for them because there is no room for growth after that. But when we go into the full depths and death of anything… we can come out the other side transformed, more alive, more open, more forgiving of ourselves and others.”

At Sacred Heart, we are privileged to be involved in the lives of young people and to see this growth and transformation occurring in the young people in our care each day.

On behalf of the Sacred Heart community, we wish one another (students, staff, families, our Marist brothers, and friends of the College) a joyful Easter and look forward to seeing our students back next term on Monday 1 May.

Daniel Head
Deputy Principal

Stations of the Cross

Christian communities all around the world are preparing to celebrate Holy Week, as are staff and students are Sacred Heart College.

Students at Champagnat commemorated Holy Week this morning with a reenactment of Palm Sunday and the Last Supper. As ‘Jesus’ (Angus, Year 9 Montagne House student and Champagnat Campus Captain) exited the quad, students were confronted by the events of Jesus’ final moments and were  invited to think about the depth of their relationship with God, especially during this Easter season. The liturgy was followed by a highly competitive House-based quiz about the life and times of Jesus.

Yesterday at Marcellin, students and staff reflected on the events of the Last Supper and the Stations of the Cross at their Holy Week Assembly. Ruby (Year 12 Montagne House student) reflected on the ‘Last Supper’ with her late grandfather, who like Jesus, was a person of humility and service. This was followed by a recount of the Stations of the Cross.

Accompanied by the video recording of the 2022 Year 10 Drama class’ production, each station concluded with a short piece connected to an area of social justice and the need for greater love and tenderness.

National Schools Constitutional Convention

Congratulations to Year 12 students, Dakota Ettridge and Adrian Niculescu on representing the College and the state at the 28th National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC) in Canberra from 21-23 March. NSCC is one of the major components of the Australian Government Civics and Citizenship Education (CCE) program.

As two of the 12 SA delegates to attend the NSCC, along with more than 100 other students from across the nation, Dakota and Adrian had the opportunity to view Question Time in the House of Representatives, meet elected representatives, visit Government House and obtain a firsthand view of Australian politics in action.

Read about their experiences below.

  • Dakota Ettridge (Year 12)

    During Week 8 I had the great opportunity to represent South Australia, and the College, as an SA delegate at the 28th National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC) in Canberra. Along with 100 other students from across the nation, with 12 being from SA, it was an opportunity that allowed me to broaden my horizons and meet many people, sharing the same passion and interests as me. 

    On day one, the delegates had the great opportunity to watch question time in the House of Representatives, and meet with their elected representatives from the HOR, and have the ability to ask questions regarding what they do and how they were reflecting us as a community. 

    The convention officially began on day 2 and focused specifically on section 128 of the constitution that outlines the way that referendums are conducted in Australia, specifically the double majority rule, where to pass a referendum there needs to be a national majority, and a majority in at least 4 of the 6 states. This topic was chosen on the basis that there is an upcoming referendum about the indigenous voice to parliament later this year. Various keynote speakers featured at the convention, one that I was extremely engaged in was professor Kim Rubenstein who outlined the influence that women had in the constitution, specifically South Australian women. The voice to parliament was an exciting topic that multiple keynote speakers made reference to, one specifically memorable one was Professor Peter Anderson who taught us how to decipher opinion from fact in order to make our own decision on this issue. 

    At the conclusion of the convention each state and territory had the opportunity to vote in a mock referendum to answer the yes or no question “to enable amendments to be made to the constitution if approved by a majority of voters”. The results from the mock referendum stated that a national majority voted NO, and all 6 states also voted NO, which meant that the referendum failed as we wanted to keep the double majority rule. It was also no surprise to add that all territories had an almost 100% vote of YES to this question which suggested that they do feel that they should be counted in the double majority. 

    I had the honour of closing the convention by doing a vote of thanks to the EmeritusPprofessor John Warhurst, who has been the convenor of the convention for over 10 years, which was extremely exciting and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this. 

    Overall this experience was a very beneficial and exciting event and I am very glad that I had the courage to apply. 

    Dakota Ettridge (Year 12)

  • Adrian Niculescu (Year 12)

    Attending the National Schools Constitutional Convention was an incredibly enriching experience that allowed me to learn about Australia’s political system and engage in meaningful discussions with experts in the field.

    The convention provided me with opportunities to discuss my own views on important constitutional issues through interstate small group sessions and soapbox sessions. These discussions allowed me to learn from my peers and also gain valuable insights from experts such as Emeritus Professor John Warhurst, Dr Frank Brennan, Dr Andrew Banfield, and Senator Andrew McLachlan. It was an honour to have the chance to build upon my own ideas and perspectives by learning from such esteemed individuals.

    Another unforgettable experience of the convention was attending Question Time in the House of Representatives. Witnessing Australia’s parliamentary democracy and responsible government in action was truly amazing. It was inspiring to see our elected officials representing their constituents and engaging in important debates.

    Finally, I had the immense honour and privilege of visiting Government House, hosted by His Excellency General the Hon. David Hurley and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley. This experience provided me with a unique insight into the important work of the monarchy in Australia’s political and social spheres and the role of the Governor-General.

    Overall, my time at the National Schools Constitutional Convention was an incredibly beneficial experience for my learning, as well as my ever increasing love for our political and legal systems. I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me to discuss my own views, engage with experts, and witness our political system in action. I believe that this experience has helped me to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the importance of our political system and its workings.

    Adrian Niculescu (Year 12)

Scholarship awarded to Tayah

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Tayah Coulthard Todd on winning a $10,000 scholarship as part of The Advertiser’s 2023 Teen Parliament and her association with the Tjindu Foundation.

Tayah addressed the House of Assembly, calling for more Indigenous education in all schools across the state to increase cultural awareness.

“I think Aboriginal history should be taught in all schools so that everyone is aware of our history. There is also a major gap in the education of older Aboriginal people; most never had the opportunities to attend school and some never learned to speak English or read or write, especially in regional areas,” Tayah said.

Tayah met the Governor (the Hon. Frances Adamson AC), the SA Premier (the Hon. Peter Malinauskas MP), the Prime Minister (The Hon. Anthony Albanese MP) and various other Ministers at the Building a Bigger, Better SA forum where the scholarship winners were presented, and where she did the Welcome to Country.

Year 12 student Jasmine Eramiha also attended Teen Parliament, calling for parliament to recognise the power of youth voices to create meaningful change.

Aboriginal Program gathering

This week, all staff and students in the College’s Aboriginal Program gathered in the Nunga Room at Marcellin for a shared lunch. This was an opportunity to celebrate the on-going achievements and strength of the Aboriginal Program, as well as offering our gratitude to the staff that support all First Nations students.

A huge thank you to our 2023 Aboriginal Leaders, Mackayla and Tayah, for their planning of the lunch and to Majo and Chloe, whose support and work in the Nunga Room is enormous. And of course to our wonderful Aboriginal Education Coordinator, Robyn Sutherland, who has seen the program grow from its inception to the incredibly strong and thriving experience it is today. Robyn’s love and care is evident upon entering the Nunga Room and in the relationships she shares with all First Nations people in our school. We wish Robyn and the Aboriginal Program all the best for the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

Cadet Unit camp

The 431 ACU Sacred Heart College Cadet Unit recently participated in EX DYURRA, a cadet exercise and training camp involving South Australian Cadets units. EX DYURRA was an opportunity to build links with other Units in our Battalion, practice their leadership skills and display a high standard of leadership and fieldcraft.

Congratulations, especially to the Cadet Recruits, who despite limited training, fully participated in the exercises and activities.

Year 9 Biomes and Food Security

Mrs Louzikiotis’ and Ms Brennan’s Year 9 Geography class enjoyed an excursion to the Adelaide Zoo on Tuesday 4 April. In Year 9 Geography this term, students have been studying biomes and food security and in particular, have investigated how human impact can influence biomes. Students listened to a presentation by Adelaide Zoo staff, whereby they were challenged to consider how human activity is currently influencing animals and their natural habitats. The students then had an opportunity to visit the enclosures of threatened species and completed an inquiry whereby they considered how their habitats are currently being affected by agriculture and development. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to bring their learning in the classroom to life.

Medieval Day

On Friday 31 March, Year 8 students at Champagnat Campus participated in Medieval Day. The day was organised to complement the Year 8 History unit on Medieval Europe.

Students began the day with a presentation on medieval armour and weaponry where they learnt all about the typical tools which knights and soldiers used during medieval battles. Following this, they had an opportunity to enjoy the competitive game of Kubb – an outdoor medieval team game which is still very popular in Scandinavia today! The final session enabled students to get crafty as they participated in a session on medieval art whereby they created their own interpretation of a stained glass window. 

Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and truly immersed themselves in medieval culture. I would like to extend a big thank you on the numerous staff involved for their support in ensuring the day was a great success for all students.

Stage 1 Biology excursion to Cleland

This week on Monday and Tuesday, Stage 1 Biology students participated in excursions to Cleland Wildlife Park. Underneath the shining sun, students toured the park, interacting with several native Australia fauna and flora up close, including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and potoroos. Many other species were also observed within their individual enclosures, including dingos, tasmanian devils, and several Australian reptile species, among others.

Students also participated in a short seminar, with expert Andrea, discussing Australian animal adaptations, legislation for the protection of our native species, and what we can do to keep our national biodiversity high.

Thank you to Cleland Wildlife Park for hosting our students, to staff who supported the experience, and of course to our students, who represented our College with respect and pride.

P&F Sunset on the Green

A big thank you to everyone that came out to the Sacred Heart P&F Sunset on the Green event on 24 March. It was lovely to meet some new families and catch up with some familiar faces. A big thank you to Robyn Brookes for organising the music students who performed on the night. A big thanks to Jack Wilson, Piper Ackland and Lachie Green for their wonderful musical talents keeping us all entertained.

Planning is underway on some more events for Term 2 including a movie night. 

Our next meeting will be on 2 May, 6pm at the Champagnat Campus staff room. We look forward to seeing you there.

Arts News

We’ve had a busy end to the term, bringing all components of the 2023 Musical together. The set has arrived and we are putting it all together on stage. We’ll also be rehearsing and painting in the holidays, ready for the production in Week 2! A big thank you to all staff and students behind the scenes who have been working on the set, costumes and props. 

We asked two of our leads to reflect on the rehearsal process:

“Through playing the lead role, I have been given a demanding yet extremely interesting role which makes every moment exciting. From learning the dances, singing the songs with everyone and blocking the scenes, rehearsals are so fun and connections with everyone around you grow. The atmosphere is great as everyone is so supportive. Even down to learning how to speak with an American accent, the whole process of the musical is one of my favourite memories I will keep after school.” ~ Caitlin Bailey (Year 11)

“The general environment within our weekly rehearsals is a blast. The community and connections we have formed as a cast is wonderful because it gives us a chance to express our creativity and courage to give new things a go. Personally, I have had many new experiences working in this production that have challenged me and expanded my learning. As a singer who In the past has majorly performed solo pieces, it has been an educational experience learning harmonies and group singing. I am excited for the performances in May and can’t wait to showcase what we have been hard at work on for the past weeks.” ~ Ashton Wickers (Year 9)

Don’t forget to book your tickets here!

SACE Art Show

On Friday 31 March, four Year 9 Art classes visited the SACE Art Show to gain insight into the pathways offered to them as they transition to Marcellin Campus next year. Students were impressed with the variety of exhibits utilising various mediums such as glass, fabric, models, architectural and graphic design to name a few. They were able to make connections to their impressionism work and were amazed by the amount of planning, research and drafting undertaken in the students’ portfolios. Students were finally able to vote for their favourite exhibit and by doing so, hoping to win the raffle prize!

The Year 12 Visual Arts students also visited the SACE Art show to see the work of Year 12 students from 2022. We were very proud to see (our very own) Amelia Bau’s painting and embroidery piece as part of the collection! 

Students spent valuable time looking through art folios for inspiration and viewing the work. We finished off the excursion by having lunch at a Korean restaurant together, trying some new dishes we hadn’t eaten before. A wonderful day!

Sports News

As Term 1 Sport draws to a close, it is important to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that our students have displayed while representing the College across a variety of sports. It has been pleasing to see the comradery and team spirit develop in such a short period of time and we look forward to watching this continue throughout the year.

Well done to all teams that competed in finals in Week 9 and special mention to the SHC 2 Open A Girls Volleyball team and the Middle A Girls Touch Football team for winning their premierships! Thank you to  all players, coaches and team managers on a successful season. Go Hearts! 

Marist Basketball Carnival

On Sunday 26 March Sacred Heart held the opening Mass and Welcome BBQ for the 31st Australian Marist Basketball Championships. With 19 schools and 27 teams entered in the tournament, the competition was to a high standard. The competition ran from Monday to Thursday, with one of the highlights being the two games held on Monday night at Sacred Heart College in front of a crowd of over 400 people. All other games were held at the Lights Sports and Community Centre.

Our girls managed to reach the Grand Final, unfortunately losing to Lavalla in a close fought game. Having lost only 1 game for the tournament to the eventual winner, the boys team finished a credible 5th.

Congratulations to Digby Ryan, Tia Buckskin and Sophie Allen who were selected into the Marist X teams.

Other award winners:
Girls MVP Award – Sophie Franz
Girls Champagnat Award – Maddi Wilson
Boys MVP Award – Ollie Cox
Boys Champagnat Award – Max Guerra

My thanks to the organised committee of Alex Penhall, Emily Cooymans, Ali Trewartha, Maggie Kerr, John Cadd and Adam Broughton for ensuring the tournament ran smoothly. A further thanks to the Champagnat students who attended throughout the week as student helpers, supporting all the teams over the duration of the tournament. We look forward to attending the 32nd Marist Basketball Championships to be held on the Gold Coast.

Catholic Co-Ed Athletics Carnival

On Monday 27 March, both our male and female athletes participated in the A Grade Catholic Co-Ed Athletics Carnival at Bridgestone Athletics Stadium. The Sacred Heart Athletics team consisted of students from both Champagnat and Marcellin campuses, in particular 53 students across Years 7-12.  

Across the day, there were numerous impressive results across both track and field. Moreover, we received an overall total of 1,172 points which placed us fourth in Pool A. In addition to this, the Sacred Heart Under 13, 15 and 20 age groups placed either 2nd or 3rd in their respective Group Shield competitions which is an impressive result. 

A highlight of the day for Sacred Heart College were the relay events in which we gained optimal points across all age groups. Both male and female students were dominant as our Under 13, 14 and 16 teams placed first, Under 15 came second and Under 20 came third in their respective races, demonstrating the majority of our relay teams triumphed against the competing schools and showed our Hearts spirit.

Catholic Girls Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 30 March, our female athletes participated in the A Grade Catholic Girls Athletics Carnival at Bridgestone Athletics Stadium. The Sacred Heart College Athletics Team, consisting of 35 students across Years 7-12, received a total of 1,199 points across the 107 event program. There were a number of impressive results on the track and field, which saw Sacred Heart triumphant in winning the U14 and U15 Age Group shields, as well as the Overall Carnival Shield. 

A highlight of the day for many students and spectators were the relay events where the girls showcased their sprinting talents for all to see. The Sacred Heart girls took home first place in the U13, U14, U15 and Open Relays, and third in the U16 relay.

We congratulate Chantelle McAneney (Year 11), Lottie Watson-Haigh (Year 9), Matilda Buchanan (Year 8) and Scarlett Axon (Year 8) who were selected to compete in the Open 100m Championship Race consisting of the top 10 timed 100m race results from the day. Chantelle McAneney crossed the line in first place, followed by Lottie Watson-Haigh (2nd place) and Matilda Buchanan (3rd place) in a nail biter finish which saw the entire crowd on their feet.

Well done to all the female athletes involved and many thanks to the student and staff helpers, as well as parents and family members who came out to support.

Middle A Girls Touch Football

Throughout Term 1, the Middle A Girls Touch Football team competed against the best girls’ teams across the state in the weekly SACSGSSA competition. The girls pulled through undefeated, not only finishing top of the table, but scoring an astonishing 22 tries and only conceding four tries against (across seven games). In addition to this, the team won the Middle A competition Grand Final by beating a tough Pembroke side 2-1. This is an outstanding accomplishment for the girls after all the hard work they put in at training sessions every Wednesday morning. 

We are looking forward to seeing the team thrive in the Year 9/10 Knockout Competition held in Term 2. The Middle A team was captained by Emme Day and Maya Camporeale, who showcased fantastic leadership throughout the term on and off the pitch.

Cricket – Hearts v Rostrevor

In celebration of Rostrevor’s 100th year, Intercollegiate cricket expanded its program to have T20 matches with all available teams from Year 7 to our 2nd XIs. Sacred Heart was extremely successful, losing only one of the eight games.

The 1st XI game was expanded to be a three-day game over two innings each, concluding on Saturday 1 April. It was a tight game with Shane Raphael (Captain) making 72 runs in the first innings, Daniel Stewart making 60 runs in the second innings and Tom Dermody taking 5/39 (16 overs).

Intercol Medal Winners:
1st XI – Shane Raphael
2nd XI – Jack Bonutto
10As – Riley Attenborough
Middle A1 – Bailey Attenborough
Middle A2 – Jacob Talbot
Middle A3 – Steven Conway 
Middle B1 – Tom Kirchner 
Year 7A – Kobe Eichler 
Year 7B – Jude Sincock.

SA School Teams Chess Championships

On Tuesday 4 April, the Champagnat Chess Team travelled to Prescott College to compete in the Chess SA Interschool Chess Championships. Following their weekly practice sessions with coach David Shaw, the students put all their learned skills into action on the day, successfully winning the championship! 

Congratulations to Tyler Clayton who individually finished first overall.

Student Sporting Achievements

Caden Macrow (Year 8)Caden has been selected into the South Australian Gymnastics State Team and will be representing SA as a Future International Gymnast at the Australian Gymnastics Championships on the Gold Coast from 8-18 May 2023.
Lottie Watson-Haigh (Year 8)Lottie has been selected to represent SA in the U14 100m at the upcoming Australian Junior Athletics Championships in Melbourne.

Statewide Schools Knockout Competition Results

Open Girls Touch Football SHC (3) drew Pembroke (3)  
SHC (8) def Cedar (1)
SHC (6) def St Aloysius (1) 
Marraytville (5) def SHC (2) 
Finals to be held on Wednesday, 10 May 2023
Open Boys Futsal SHC (5) def Hallett Cove (4)
SHC (3) def Seaford (1)
SHC (4) def Willunga Walford (0)
SHC (5) def Woodcroft (0)
SHC (3) def SEDA College (2)
Finals to be held on Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Sporting dates and events

Champagnat Campus (Term 2)

Week 1Surfing Championships – Wednesday 3 May
Week 2Champagnat Swimming Carnival – Friday 12 May

Marcellin Campus (Term 2)

Week 1 Surfing Championships – Wednesday 3 May
Year 9/10 Touch Football Knockout Finals – Wednesday 3 May
Week 2Open Girls Touch Football Knockout Finals – Wednesday 10 May
Mountain Bike Championships – Friday 12 May