Hearts News (Week 2, Thursday 11 May 2023)

Celebrating mothers, grandmothers and the significant women in our life at the Mother’s Day Liturgy at Champagnat Campus this morning (11 May).

To our Sacred Heart College community

Welcome to our new Director of Business

As you know, our Business Manager, Trevor Freeman retired last week after 15 years of wonderful service to the Sacred Heart community. Trevor has been a wonderful leader, expert and personality to have had in this role for such an extended period, and we wish him well as he moves into retirement. 

As a result of Trevor’s retirement, and after an extensive recruitment process, I am thrilled to announce that Andrew Boeyen has been appointed to the position of Director of Business.

Andrew comes exceptionally well qualified for this role. He is currently the Business Manager at Thomas More College. Prior to that appointment, over the previous decade or so, he held the positions of Finance Director at KWP! Advertising, and Executive Manager Corporate Services/CFO of Bedford Group.

Whilst you will likely see Andrew in the weeks ahead as he commences handover meetings and so on, he will formally commence in the role of Director of Business on Monday 26 June. As a result of Andrew’s appointment, I have appointed Katrina Bates to act in this position until his commencement date of 26 June.

Please join me in congratulating Andrew on this significant appointment, and in thanking and congratulating Katrina on her appointment to the position until Andrew’s commencement on 26 June.

Welcome to the Hearts Family, Andrew!

Year 12, 2023… 100 days to go!

As of Thursday 11 May, there are exactly 100 school days remaining in 2023, for our Year 12 students! Can you believe it?

I have been very impressed with the work ethic, application and effort on display by many, and inspired by those who are already determined to do more and work even harder in the weeks and months ahead. 

As we enter our final 100 days of formal schooling (after 13 long years), it is imperative that every student leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of their aspirations. Equally as importantly, I urge both students and families to make contact with their teachers, Heads of Learning and Heads of House in the event they feel they need additional support, a different explanation, an opportunity to meet, and so on. 

When we work hard and work together, great things are possible!

Daniel Lynch

Mother’s Day Liturgy

Mother’s Day Liturgy

Earlier today, Champagnat Campus held a Mother’s Day Liturgy in the Good Samaritan Centre. Mothers, grandmothers and important family members sat together with their sons and daughters to celebrate the occasion. The liturgy was followed by a morning tea and donations were collected at the event for Hannah Place in support of young South Australian mothers in need. Thank you to all guests for taking the time to join us this morning.

Photos from today’s Mother’s Day Liturgy at Champagnat Campus can be downloaded or purchased from Festival City Photography here. The password is: SHC2023

Digital copies can be downloaded for free via the site. Simply add the photo you would like to your shopping cart, and select “Facebook Low Res JPEG”. Larger sized copies for print can be purchased for a small fee.

Wishing all the mothers, grandmothers and significant women in our lives a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Get to know our Year 12 Leaders

Each week, two of our Year 12 Student Leaders will take part in a brief Q&A session so you can get to know them a little better.

This week we meet our 2023 College Captains, Conor Gluyas and Manni Tierney.

Conor Gluyas
2023 College Captain

Manni Tierney
2023 College Captain

  • Conor Gluyas, 2023 College Captain

    What does leadership mean to you?
    Making an influence within a community and working with people for the benefit of everyone.

    What does being a Marist Leader mean to you?
    Leading in the way of Mary, following the examples set in the past and applying the five Marist Characteristics to real life.

    What Marist characteristic do you resonate with the most and why?
    Family Spirit. I am a relational person and pride myself on the connections I can build with others. I believe that culture brings success and try my best to connect both old scholars and Champagnat  students into our learning journey at Marcellin Campus. I really believe that our spirit can be consistent through the entire College community.

    What do you hope to achieve as a Leader this year?
    I hope to make RU OK Day a day that is further celebrated and highlighted in our school. My goal is to bring everyone together on that day, similar to Champagnat Campus.

    A teacher that I admire at SHC is:
    Former teacher and Director of Students, James Gill. He taught me what leadership is about and helped me understand the importance of leading in a Marist community. Mr Gill made me realise the privilege of attending Sacred Heart and helped me realise just how special the ‘Hearts Community is.

    The best thing about attending SHC is:
    The mates I have met, people who I interact with every day and the support I get from all the teachers and staff around the College.

    Three words that describe my personality are:
    Confident, happy and approachable.

    My favourite song is:
    Stay by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko.

    Someone I admire is:
    Last year’s College Captain, Tate Patterson because of the example she set as Captain, the advice she has given me and her approach to her life.

    My greatest sporting moment was:
    Watching Crows Captain, Jordan Dawson kick a goal after the siren in the first showdown of the year!

    The funniest moment in my life was:
    Anytime spent with Zac ‘the freak’ Fahey.

    What is your most prized possession?
    A photo with my family on Christmas Day.

    What is on your bucket list?
    Travel around Europe in 2024.

    If you were a superhero, who would you be?

  • Manni Tierney, 2023 College Captain

    What does leadership mean to you?
    Leadership is about being the voice for the many who are too afraid to speak up and trust that you will share their ideas. It is about standing up and being comfortable to be uncomfortable.

    What does being a Marist Leader mean to you?
    Acknowledging the Marist Characteristics in your leadership and striving to embody the pillars that we represent at our school.

    What Marist characteristic do you resonate with the most and why?
    Family Spirit. I love the connections that build the foundation at our school and are enhanced by Family Spirit, ensuring everybody feels welcome and loved. I believe that all the other characteristics fall underneath this and complement Family Spirit.

    What do you hope to achieve as a Leader this year?
    I wish to incorporate Family Spirit more into our school, but most importantly into our cohort in which we all feel so connected to one another so that we leave feeling accomplished and proud of the peers around us.

    A teacher that I admire at SHC is:
    Ms Salter. I believe she works extremely hard to create an environment for those who are not heard or seen. For example, she initiated, supports and attends the Hearts Hub, which works to build a more interconnected area within the College. 

    The best thing about attending SHC is:
    The people and events! I just love the people that are here and the support that we receive. At any school you could have every opportunity and every possibility, but it’s the people that surround you that matter most. I believe the encouragement and strong Family Spirit at Sacred Heart is what makes us unique to other schools.

    Three words that describe my personality are:
    Empathetic, strong and kind.

    My favourite song is:
    Violent Crimes by Kanye West.

    Someone I admire is:
    My dad!

    My greatest sporting moment was:
    Our touch footy grand final. It was a tie the entire game and ended up turning into a drop off. I was one of the four that started on at the drop off. I passed off to my good team mate and she ran through to score a try.

    The funniest moment in my life was:
    When my friend ran into a pole.

    What is your most prized possession?
    My diary.

    What is on your bucket list?
    Travel! Travel! Travel!

    If you were a superhero, who would you be?
    Lois Lane.

Celebrating our ANZACs

Last week, students and staff across Sacred Heart College solemnly gathered at their respective campuses to commemorate ANZAC Day (25 April).

Marcellin staff and students gathered last Wednesday (3 May) to commemorate those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice. We acknowledged those who are currently serving and held a short liturgy which concluded with the Last Post and Ode of Remembrance, read by Cadet Under Officer, Adrian Niculescu. 

Champagnat staff and students gathered near the flagpoles last Thursday morning (4 May) for an ANZAC Day Ceremony. Surrounded by poppies detailing the names of Sacred Heart College old scholars that served in the armed forces, students read reflections, prayers and poems in remembrance of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Cadets from 431 Army Cadet Unit – Sacred Heart College also performed the catafalque party.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Rite Journey Challenge Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day of challenges, teamwork and outdoor fun. The Year 9 students, their mentor teachers and a collection of brave staff spent the day engaged in a range of activities designed to gently challenge, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually as a part of the Year 9  Rite Journey program.

The students encouraged each other through a high ropes course, a collection of team building and problem solving activities. Additionally, students were individually challenged to some solo time where they either sat or walked alone, reflecting and taking time to be comfortable and enjoy time alone. 

Challenge Day signifies the start of a series of challenges as part of the program. We are thankful for the glorious weather and the opportunities presented.

Year 8 Japanese Mayoral visit

This afternoon we welcomed the Mayor of Kokubunji City, Mr Kunio Izawa and his delegation, including Marahiro Furuya, Superintendent of Education, to Champagnat Campus. The delegation are in Adelaide this week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the City of Marion’s Sister City, Kokubunji City.

The delegation were greeted by the Champagnat Leadership team, including Daniel Head, Deputy Principal and Alex Dighton, Head of Champagnat Campus, along with Kirsty Castillo, Languages Consultant at CESA, Genevieve Cooper, Media and Engagement Advisor at Marion Council, and some of our Year 9 Japanese students.

After introductions in Japanese by our Year 9 students, Jay Pozniak and some of our Champagnat students served coffees for our visitors, the Mayor commenting on how delicious the coffee was. We then visited a Year 8 Japanese lesson, where students demonstrated Quizlet live and asked the delegation about their school club activities in Japanese. The Mayor and Superintendent of Education were very pleased to see a classroom in action.

Our tour also included a visit to an Italian lesson, where students demonstrated their memory skills with a fly swot and the Tech Centre. David Maglieri, Head of Design & Technology, showed the team the range of equipment we use in our classes and Year 9 students spent time showing the Japanese visitors what they create in Technology lessons. The group also toured the Good Samaritan Centre, La Valla, the Music Centre, and the Hearts Village before gifting our student tour guides with some handmade Japanese bookmarks. 

With Marion being on the same longitude and within a similar time zone to Kokubunji City, in 1993 an agreement was signed for the two to become Sister Cities and since, the strong relationship has focused on exchanges between municipalities, schools, and sporting and cultural groups.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet Japanese visitors and for them to see a glimpse of an Australian Middle School and we hope that in the future we will be able to build greater ties with Kokubunji City.

Year 8 LifeEd presentations

On Wednesday (Week 1) the team from LifeEd conducted a presentation for our Year 8 cohort on drugs and alcohol, with a particular focus on vaping. This topic is an important part of the curriculum for Year 8s during Health, and an increasingly relevant topic for young people in Australia. The session was informative and engaging, and is designed to better educate our students to help students make informed choices.

The team from LifeEd have shared the following resources:

Talking about vaping with young people

Life Ed Parent and Teacher Resources – E-cigarettes/Vaping

Vaping and young people: For parents and carers

We encourage you to look through these documents which may provoke important conversation between you and your child.

LifeEd also offers parent/carer webinars and sessions on vaping to help increase the school community’s knowledge around this drug. It also provides a space for parents/carers to ask more specific questions. 

They also recommend the following lesson on vaping from Positive Choices: https://positivechoices.org.au/teachers/smokescreen

Year 10 leadership session

On Tuesday 2 April, the Year 10 student leadership group met as an elected group for the first time. Throughout the year, this group of students will work alongside David Threadgold from One+All Consulting to develop their leadership skills. Through discussion and a range of activities, students explored how to be effective leaders, and work collaboratively in a group environment. 

Arts News

Audiences have been raving about our 2023 School Musical. From the moment the students step onto stage, there is an electric buzz  and vibrancy in their singing, dancing and acting. Caitlin Bailey embodies the role of Elle and is flawless in her delivery. Emelia Hassan is the effervescent Paulette, with a big voice and big hair and together with Max Hansen, who plays Kyle, they have a joyous Irish dancing moment. Lucy Carter plays Vivienne and times her cutting remarks to perfection. Grace Plummer is the ex-boyfriend, Warner, who underestimates Elle, and Ella Davies plays Professor Callahan showing her authority in this role. 

Ashton Wickers has breathed life into the role of Emmett and the titular duet with Caitlin Bailey is a stand-out moment of the show. Piper Ackland as the fitness queen, Brooke makes skipping rope and singing at the same time look easy. The Delta Nus are bright and colourful and Elle’s friends, played by Asha Davies, Imogen Penhall, Isabella Backarich-Christie and Charlotte Richardson each take on their character with strong voices and dancing. Harvard students, Harper Quigley, Ruby Bogatec, Anje Bogatec and Abi Hunt deliver their lines well as their respective characters and Grace Durrans plays Chutney, complete with TTP – totally tragic perm!

The ensemble are kept busy changing from waiters to students, to salon employees, frat boys and prison guards. You do not want to miss this show! 
Tickets are still available for the remaining performances tonight (Thursday 11 May, 7pm) and tomorrow’s  final performance (Friday 12 May, 7pm).

Book your tickets here!

Sacred Heart Drumline

Keep an eye out at the Glenelg Football Club games for our Senior Drumline, who have been leading the players out onto the field. They performed on Good Friday and will appear again on Saturday 13 May.

CESA Music Scholarship

Congratulations to Class of 2022 graduate, Lachlan Durrans, who recently won the CESA Kathleen McPhee Music Scholarship. The scholarship judging panel was impressed by Lachlan’s passion, enthusiasm, broad ability and dedication in his area of study.

A talented and versatile drummer, Lachlan studied Music Explorations, Solo Performance, Ensemble Performance, and Certificate III in Music Industry at Sacred Heart College. He was the Year 11 and 12 Arts Captain and received multiple music and academic awards across his final two years at school.

The award will support his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance studies at the Elder Conservatorium of Music. Congratulations Lachlan!

State Theatre Company excursion

Stage 2 English, and Stage 1 Drama Students travelled to the Space Theatre in the city on Wednesday 10 May to watch the State Theatre Company’s ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ with Jimi Bani guiding us through his one man, highly-interactive, and uplifting performance exploring the heavier issues of mental health and depression. 

Students were met in the foyer and invited by Jimi to participate in the show as he called out in performance for a list of things in our world that are brilliant, and worth living for, such as;
1. Icecream.
2. Water fights..
319. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out of your nose.” 

Some of our Year 11 students took on the roles of school counsellor, Mrs Patterson, complete with a sock puppet dog brilliantly improvised with the student’s own sock. We also witnessed a student personify the ‘Dad-of-few-but-poignant-words’ in an excellent father-of-the-groom speech. 

This opportunity to attend such a professional and beautifully staged live theatre performance will inform students’ assessments over the coming weeks.

Sports News

After a busy few weeks of trials, training and practice matches, our Sacred Heart sporting teams are ready for the competitive winter season ahead. While most teams will play Round 1 this week, the boys football teams had a head start and began their season in Week 1. It was great to see students back in action on the Main Oval, showcasing their talents and representing the College with pride. 

We are excited to have more than 85 teams participating in winter sports this season with boys soccer, squash, table tennis and girls football being played midweek and girls netball, boys football and basketball being played on the weekends. 

Goodluck to all Sacred Heart teams for the upcoming season. Go Hearts!

Open Girls Knockout Touch Football 

On Wednesday 10 May the Sacred Heart Open Girls Touch Football team competed in the School Sport SA Knockout Finals. A big congratulations to the team for finishing 3rd in the state overall! 

Game 1 saw SHC play against Wilderness, who proved a very strong competitors for us, defeating SHC 15-1. It was fantastic to see the girls play their heart out in the final match, which led to a victory over Golden Grove 5-4. Well done girls!

Student Sporting Achievements

Rosie Akot (Year 11)Selected in the 2023 SA Metro U18 Girls Basketball team who won the National Championships in April! Congratulations Rosie.
Lucy Allen and Georgie Thur (Year 7)Lucy and Georgie have been selected in the School Sport SA State U12 Girls Basketball team to represent SA at the School Sport Australia Championships in Perth in August.
Evie Bierbaum (Year 8)Evie has been selected in the Indoor Cricket Nationals U14 Girls team to represent SA at the Indoor Cricket Nationals in Ipswich in June.
Addison Breeding and Sage Spencer (Year 9)Selected in the 2023 SA U16 Emerging Athlete Development Program Basketball Squad.
Sophie Franz (Year 11)Represented South Australia in the 2023 SA Country U18 Girls Basketball State Team in April.
Jordan Horne, Eloise Mackereth, Sarcha Taylor and Matilda Wilmore (Year 10)Selected in the 2023 SA U16 Girls Football Squad. Further congratulations to Eloise who recently made her SANFLW Debut for Glenelg Football Club and was also selected in the 2023 U16 Girls All Australian Football Team.
Kai Reid (Year 12)Selected in the U18 School Sport South Australia Baseball team.

Sporting dates and events

Champagnat Campus (Term 2)

Week 2Mountain Bike Championships – Friday 12 May
Champagnat Swimming Carnival – Friday 12 May
Week 3
Week 4Individual Golf Championships – Monday 22 May

Marcellin Campus (Term 2)

Week 2Mountain Bike Championships – Friday 12 May
Week 3Year 9/10 Boys Knockout Football – Tuesday 16 May 
Open Girls Knockout Football – Tuesday 12 May 
Futsal Championships – Wednesday 17 May
Week 4Individual Golf Championships – Monday 22 May