Annual Giving 2024

Together, We are Sacred Heart.

For less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee, you could help make a difference for the future of Sacred Heart College.

The Sacred Heart College Foundation aligns with the goals of the College by supporting the upkeep, enhancement and development of facilities. It also provides the opportunity for those who have attended the College, or had children attend the College, to recognise the benefits and opportunities it has provided them, and pay forward to create opportunities for future generations to experience the unique Sacred Heart College and Hearts Community.

100% of your contribution will benefit the Sacred Heart community – past, present and future. Whether you are an old scholar, a parent of a current student or past student, or someone who loves what Sacred Heart stands for, your help benefits the College long term.

How can I become a supporter of the Sacred Heart College Foundation?

Some supporters choose a once-off donation each year, while others prefer to contribute via a recurring (ongoing) donation.

The College Foundation also offers options to Bequeath contributions, also known as Legacy Gifting, for those wanting to consider this.

All donations to the Sacred Heart College Foundation Building Fund are tax deductible.

If you would like more information or to discuss other options, please contact Sacred Heart College on 8350 2500 or email

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2024 Annual Giving