Annual Giving

The Sacred Heart College Community is a connection we all take great pride in. We are always prepared to lend a hand in good times and bad.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created a situation where 1 in 4 families of current students are experiencing or expect to experience financial hardship.

The College has implemented actions to reshape budgets to provide relief to families while also investing in facilities to support quality learning. In order to do this, the College has suspended some capital spending on building new or
improving existing facilities to enable this relief.

The College now needs our financial support to continue to support families while continuing to evolve, upgrade and maintain facilities.

It is for this reason, in the true Spirit of SHC Community, all active College bodies – Sacred Heart College Foundation, Sacred Heart Old Collegians (SHOC), SHOC Sports Association, SHOC Sporting Clubs and others – have united as one,
TOGETHER to create The Sacred Heart College Hardship Fund.

100% of your contribution will go to benefit the College while they provide support to families in need. Whether you are an Old Scholar, a parent of a current student or someone who just loves what Sacred Heart College stands for, never before has the College needed you and your support more.

Donations can be made as a one off payment or ongoing monthly contributions. The College also offers options to Bequeath contributions for those who would like to consider. All donations to the Hardship Fund are tax deductible. Show your support by joining our 2021 Annual Giving Campaign and donating below.

Sacred Heart College
Annual Giving 2021