The Rite Journey

At Champagnat Campus, we recognise the importance of each individual student’s personal development. The Rite Journey is a unique educational program designed to support the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful and resilient adults. The year-long program is taught to our Year 9 students in single sex classes, where students engage in conversations about who they really are and what type of adult they want to be. The Rite Journey gives students an opportunity to reflect, discuss and develop strategies about their transition to adulthood through conversation, debates, challenges, self reflection, journal keeping, and service to others. 

The program recognises that ceremonies and rituals have been used to mark this special time in a young person’s life for thousands of years, and uses these rites of passage to deepen student thinking as they make the transition into becoming responsible young adults. For more information please go to

Sacred Heart College
Year 9 Rite Journey Parent Handbook

Or visit the following link:

Director of Students (Champagnat Campus)

Beth Caldwell

08 8350 2500