Sports News (Friday 30 October)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Term 4 has arrived and the Sporting Calendar is still  as jam packed as ever.

Our Summer Teams of Boys Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis and Girls Teams of Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis have kicked off their respective seasons in Week 1 and they will run until Week 6 of this term.

In addition to this we have had a plethora of students representing the College at School Sport SA Knockout Sports and Championships, the results are listed below.

Well done to all the students who have been representing the College with pride and goodluck to all teams with fixtures and finals still to come. Go Hearts!

Knockout & Carnival Sporting Events

Champagnat Campus

Week 1 Friday 16/10: Mountain Biking Championships – O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park @ 9:30am-1pm
Individual Event:
U15 Male (69 competitors):
1st: Andrew Tidswell
35th: Hugh Mahoney

Team Events:
U13: 6th place (out of 19) – SHC 1
U13: 16th place (out of 19) – SHC 2
U15: 7th place (out of 35) – SHC 2
U15: 9th place (out of 35) – SHC 3
U15: 17th place (out of 35) – SHC 4
Week 1 Friday 16/10: 6/7 KO Cricket – Adelaide Lutheran Turf Pitch @ 8:20am – 2pmSHC (6/138) Defeated Concordia College (10/37)
Week 2 Monday 19/10: 8/9 KO Cricket – Pulteney Grammar School @ 8:20am – 2pmSHC (2/105) Defeated Pulteney Grammar School (3/104)
Week 2 Tuesday 20/10: 8/9 Boys KO Volleyball – Hallett Cove School @ 8:55am – 2:45pmSHC (0) Defeated By Hallett Cove (4) &  SHC (0) def by Reynella East (3)
Week 2 Tuesday 20/10: 8/9 Girls KO Volleyball – Hallett Cove School @ 8:55am – 2:45pmSHC (0) Defeated By Hallett Cove (3) & SHC (0) Defeated By Reynella East (3)
Week 2 Wednesday 21/10: 8/9 KO Basketball – Blackwood High School @ 10:30am – 1:00pmSHC (41) Defeated Blackwood High (24)
Week 2 Wednesday 21/10: 8/9 KO Tennis – Unley High School
@ All Day
SHC (5) Defeated Unley High (1) & SHC (1) Defeated By Henley High (5)
Week 2 Thursday 22/10: 7 Girls KO Tennis –  Colonel Light West Tennis Club @ 11:30am – 1pmSHC (4) Defeated Colonel Light Gardens Primary School (2)
Week 2 Friday 23/10: Lacrosse SA Primary School Carnival – Brighton Lacrosse Club @ 8:15am – 3:30pmYear 7 Boys – 2nd
Year 7 Girls – Equal 3rd & 5th.
Week 2 Friday 23/10: Year 7 Boys and Girls KO Basketball – All day @ Springbank Secondary CollegeBoth the Boys and Girls teams finished the carnival undefeated and have progressed to the finals round of the competition.
Week 3 Thursday 29/10: YR 8/9 Girls Knockout Basketball – Sacred Heart College Br McAteer Centre. 10:00amSHC (29) Defeated By Heathfield High School (46)

Marcellin Campus

Week 1 Friday 16/10: Mountain Biking Championships – O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park @ All DayU19 Male: 2nd
Week 3 Tuesday 27/10:  Cycling Championships – Victoria Park
@ All Day
Aidan Cale 2nd in the Open A Boys, Thomas Valente 1st in the Open B Boys. 2nd in the Overall Schools Championships
Week 3 Thursday 29/10: Year 10 Knockout Basketball – Sacred Heart College Br McAteer Centre. 1:30pmSHC (61)  Reynella East High School (34)

Cycling Championships

On Tuesday, Sacred Heart College entered the Sport SA Cycling Championships at Victoria Park Racecourse. The event consisted of 3 races throughout the day; time trial, point race and a criterium.

Congratulations to Aiden Cale who finished equal second in the Open A’s and to Thomas Valente who finished first in the Open B’s.

Mountain Biking

On the Friday 16 October, both campuses of Sacred Heart entered 9 teams into the School Sport SA Mountain Biking competition.

With over 400 competitors entered, the competition was tough averaging between 14 – 19 minutes per lap of the O’Halloran Hill Mountain Bike course. The event consisted of a teams event with the riders taking it in turns riding around the course for 2.5hrs and also an individual event in which the riders had to complete between 1 or 3 laps depending on age.

Congratulations to Harry Bawden, Aiden Bullock, and Alex Nielson who finished 2nd in the U/19 teams event.

2020 Ekiden Relay

On Thursday 15 October, 8 boys travelled to the Bonython Park for a leisurely run in the Ekiden Relay. The boys had to run various distances covering approximately 20km. Not only did they win, they broke the record with second place finishing nearly 5 minutes behind. Several runners achieved quickest time for their leg, with Cooper Giles breaking the record for the 7th leg.

  • 1st Leg: Cael Mullholland – 5.4km – 17.30 – quickest time overall for this leg
  • 2nd Leg: Darcy Gluyas – 1.5km – 4.29 –  quickest time overall for this leg
  • 3rd Leg: Ed Faulkner – 2.8km – 10:20
  • 4th Leg: Mitch Tidy – 2.8km – 11.12
  • 5th Leg: Charlie Hildyard – 1.5km – 4.39 –  quickest time overall for this leg
  • 6th Leg: Bailey Giles – 2,8km – 9.15 –  quickest time overall for this leg
  • 7th Leg: Cooper Giles – 2.8km – 8.59 –  quickest time overall for this leg, plus a record time for this leg
  • 8th Leg: Lachie Scannell -1.0km – 3.02

Overall time 1hr.09min.43sec

The boys are looking forward to the 2021 event, and we would also like to get a girls team involved.

2020 Achilles Cup

At the end of last term we entered a reduced size team in the Achilles Cup held at SA Athletics Stadium.

Overall our team finished 2nd and unfortunately many of the later field events were washed out by torrential rain.

There were many great individual results as you can see listed below, with our U14 and U15 teams winning their age group category.

Age Group Champions: U13 & U19

Relays: 1st U13 4x100m, 1st U14 4x100m, 2nd U21 4x100m, 3rd U16 4x100m

Individual Performances
Cael Mullholland
1st U21 Div 1 3000m
1st U21 Div 2 800m
Charlie Hildyard
1st U16 Div 2 400m
2nd U16 Div 2 100m
2nd U16 Div 2 200m
Declan O’Dea
1st U15 Div 1 Javelin
1st U15 Div 2 Discus
Henry McKinnon
1st U14 Div 1 800m
1st U14 Div 1 200m
Marcus Buzov
2nd U13 Div 1 100m
2nd U13 Div 1 400m
2nd U13 Div 1 200m
Thomas Dowd
1st U21 Div 2 3000m
1st U21 Div 1 800m
Bailey Stanborough
1st U16 Div 2 800m
3rd U16 Div 2 1500m
Ben Camporeale
2nd U14 Div 2 Long Jump
2nd U14 Div 2 100m
Freddie Muller
2nd U13 Div 1 Javelin
Max Underwood
1st U21 Div 2 400m
2nd U21 Div 1 Long Jump
3rd U21 Div 2 200m
Aidan Konopka
2nd U16 Div 1 100m
2nd U16 Div 1 200m
Daniel Hildyard
1st U14 Div 2 800m
Wade Bentley
2nd U13 Discus Div 1
Joel Saunders
3rd U21 Div 2 Long Jump
Ben Bussenschutt
1st U16 Div 2 Shot Put
3rd U16 Div 2 Discus
Lucas Camporeale
2nd U14 Div 1 Triple Jump
3rd U14 Div 1 Long Jump
Joseph McKinnon
1st U21 Div 1 400m
Michael Napoli
1st U16 Div 1 1500m
Mackenzie Darling
2nd U14 Div 1 Shot Put
2nd U14 Div 2 200m
3rd U14 Div 1 Javelin
Jamie Lamb
2nd U15 Div 2 Javelin
Lukas Kerak
2nd U16 Div 2 Javelin
Darcy Roberts
1st U14 Div 2 Shot Put
Connor Norbury
1st U21 Div 1 High Jump
Flynn Whelan
1st U13 Div 1 800m
Darcy Gluyas
2nd U21 Div 2 800m
2nd U21 Div 2 1500m
Thomas Dermody
2nd 14 Div 2 1500m
Brandon Smith 
1st U21 Div 1 200m

Marcellin Campus Winter Sports Season Awards Afternoon

Marcellin Campus celebrated their sporting year on October 14 in the Br McAteer Function Centre.  Unfortunately due to summer sports practices commencing, the crowd was down compared to previous years. Congratulations to all participants who received an award.

  • Boys First XI Soccer Best and Fairest – Sergio Melta Award – Sam Styles/ Theo Sprumont
  • Boys First V Basketball Best and Fairest – Dane Bobinac
  • Boys Open Volleyball Best and Fairest – Sam Thompson
  • Boys Open Squash Best and Fairest – Ryan Kelton
  • Boys Open Badminton Best and Fairest – Joshua Lewis
  • Boys Open Touch Best and Fairest – Hayden Supple
  • Male Athlete of the Year – Max Underwood
  • Male Swimmer of the Year – Fletcher Luscombe
  • Girls First XI Soccer Best and Fairest – Angela Mills
  • Girls First V Basketball Best and Fairest – John Cadd Trophy –  Chloe Dumesny
  • Girls First XVIII Football Best and Fairest – Sarah Goodwin
  • Girls Open A Netball Best and Fairest – Summa Trowbridge
  • Female Athlete of the Year – Taya Howden
  • Female Swimmer of the Year – Sidney Robinson

Adelaide 36ers’ Visit to Sacred Heart

On Thursday, our senior basketballers were fortunate to have the Adelaide 36ers run a training session in the McAteer Centre at Marcellin Campus.

We had over 40 players present and learnt some high level concepts off the team. It was great to see some of Adelaide’s newest recruits up close.

Upcoming Dates/Events

Champagnat Campus8/9 KO Boys Basketball – Tuesday 3 November at 11:45am at Henley High School
7 KO Girls Tennis – Thursday 5 November at 10:00am SHC Champagnat Campus
7 KO Cricket – Monday 9 November at 9:30am & 12:30pm at SHC Champagnat Campus 
8/9 KO Baseball – Wednesday 11 November at 11:55am & 1:20pm at Glenelg Baseball Club
7 Girls Beach Volleyball Carnival – Thursday 12 November (all day)
CEA Summer Photo Day – Friday 13 November
7 KO Girls & Boys Basketball Finals – Monday 16 November
SAPSASA Track & Field State Championships – Tuesday 17 November
SAPSASA Swimming State Championships – Wednesday 18 November
School Sport SA Diving Championships – Thursday 19 November
Marcellin CampusYear 10 Boys Basketball Finals Day – Thursday 12 November

Alex Jackson
Boys Sports Coordinator
(Champagnat Campus)
Jacqui Schar
Girls Sports Coordinator
(Champagnat Campus)
Hayley Watts
Administrative Assistant to the Sport Coordinators
(Champagnat Campus)
Gavin Pinnington
Boys Sports Coordinator
(Marcellin Campus)
Alex Penhall
Girls Sports Coordinator
(Marcellin Campus)
Nicholas Taylor
Football & Cricket Coordinator
(Marcellin Campus)
Emily Williams
Netball Coordinator
(Marcellin Campus)
Ashleigh Young
Administrative Assistant to the Sport Coordinators
(Marcellin Campus)