Arts News (Friday 25 September)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Visual Arts at Sacred Heart

Year 9 Student, Ingrid Tinney created a painting responding to the Marist Theme for 2020; One Wild and Precious Life. Due to the technical excellence and highly inspirational nature of her painting, it has been chosen to be displayed in Paringa Hall at Marcellin Campus and will be exhibited there until the end of the year.

Ingrid named the piece “Tangible Nature” and she wrote this to explain it’s meaning.

I’m honoured to have my painting displayed in Paringa Hall.

When we were given this task, I wasn’t too sure how to express “one wild and precious life” through a canvas. I decided to find where that line originated from and ended up with the poem, A Summer’s Day by Mary Oliver.

Through this poem she is telling us to not get caught up in things, the best way to appreciate life is by not taking things for granted and by trusting only tangible nature. 

In my painting I wanted to express the importance of appreciating what is around us. Doing so I decided to paint a girl, laying in a field of grass surrounded by  butterflies.

Year 7 Bollywood Dance

This week, our Year 7 students have been working with a dance specialist to learn more about Indian culture, the enormity of Bollywood and its unique style of Dance.

They spent time understanding the movements, practicing the moves, trying on some accessories and then learnt a dance.

It was fantastic to see the students engaging in such a meaningful way, as well as the teachers who all decided to join in as well!

Year 8 Dance Performances

What is a motif? The Year 8 students this term have been working on composing a dance based on a geometric motif.

In groups, students chose a shape to feature prominently and be a foundation for their group dance. They were challenged to create interesting pathways, contrasting use of space and build upon trust and teamwork to incorporate counter balances.

Students were excited to present their compositions to an appreciative audience and were well rewarded for their efforts.

Champagnat Campus Battle of the Bands (R U OK Day)

R U OK Day is a reminder to check in with each other. One of the ways Sacred Heart College does this is by building community acceptance through our annual Champagnat Campus Battle of the Bands concert. Twelve bands performed to the students last week on R U OK Day, including the Staff Band ‘Fossil Rock’. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for our musical students to ‘rock out’ with many new bands formed. Recognition of the musical and performance skills came through individual awards; well done to Harrison Wickers and Liam Lawler and group band awards including; Drumline B and The Tax Evaders. 

Congratulations to the overall winners – The Band With No Name.

Stage 2 Dance Exam Performance (Thursday 17 September)

Last night, the Stage 2 Dance Class presented their Exam performance in the Br Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre Auditorium. This performance represented their 30% external component for Stage 2 Dance. The students performed with the Stage 1 Dancers to present four dance pieces in a range of genres including, contemporary, lyrical, jazz and tap.

The evening finished with the Stage 2 students’ choreographies which were created earlier in the year, these consisted of dance films and a live performance. Congratulations to all the dancers involved on a stunning and moving performance!

Special thanks also to Ms Bianca Baulis and music students Gaila Morrison, Grace Northam and Harvey Otto who supported the evening with highly polished, professional musical acts.

End of Year Music Performance (Thursday 15 October)

Our Marcellin Campus End of Year Music Performance will be held in the Brother Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 15 October. 

To ensure that all of our music families and friends are able to attend the free live performance and to comply with the limitations of audience numbers, we will be presenting this night in 2x 1-hour sessions:

Concert 1: 5.30 – 6.30pm 

Concert 2: 7.15 – 8.15pm

The program for each concert will be the same, with a break between concerts to ensure social distancing is maintained with audiences. Tickets are available via TryBooking (