Arts News (Friday 5 March)

To our Sacred Heart Community

The first term has already been packed with Arts activities across both campuses. Our instrumental lessons have started as well as our music ensembles and choirs. 

If students are still interested in joining an ensemble, please make yourself known to the music staff at either campus. Download your instrumental nomination form here.

Music @ Marcellin Sports Day (Friday 26 February)

Sports Day at Marcellin last Friday, showcased our new Senior Drumline and brand new equipment. After only a couple of rehearsals, they launched themselves into leading the parade onto the oval. We can’t wait to see what this group has to offer this year. 

Other students performed throughout Sports Day, including; Ava Musurra, Zara Pratt, Callum Veale, Gaila Morrison, Joachim Kalapatsonis and our 2 DJ’s – Will Donaghey and Lachlan Green.

“Back to the 80’s…The Totally Awesome Musical!” 2021

In Week 2, we auditioned for our 2021 school musical, ‘Back to the 80s!’. Based in the senior year of Corey, we see the lives of a group of teenagers grappling with friendships, falling in love and finding their place in the world. Including dream sequences with Star Wars themes and a concert for World Aid, the students belt out favourite 80s tunes including: Footloose, Love Shack, and You Give Love a Bad Name, to mention just a few. 

Joining our student cast on stage, we have teachers Brigitta Ragg, Michael Ellul, James Gill and Garreth Hutton, with a cameo by Keiko Sanders.  

If you love 80s music, or remember the hairstyles or brightly coloured fashions, you will love ‘Back to the 80s!’. Tickets are available to purchase via Trybooking ( Get in quick!

Drama @ Marcellin Campus

Later this month, our Stage 1&2 Drama classes will have the fantastic experience of participating in extended workshops with (actor/director) Artist in Residence, Andy Packer from Slingsby Theatre Company.

They will be working with Andy in preparation for their important upcoming performance of the play, Hoods. This play explores issues of poverty and family violence, Hoods is a suburban tale of survival and solidarity against the odds.

Visual Arts @ Champagnat Campus

A selection of Year 8 students at Champagnat worked with Ms McVicar to paint their sea creature sculptures that they made last year.

These creative and colourful sea creatures will be stuck to the mural that was also painted last year, and then this entire artwork with the theme of ‘Presence’ will be installed in the main quad. Look out for this colourful addition to the quad!