Arts News (Thursday 1 April)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Stage 1 & 2 Drama: Adelaide Festival and Artist in Residence Program

Stage One and Two Drama classes have enjoyed the excitement of ‘Mad March’ attending  Adelaide Festival productions and commencing the Group Performance process, engaging with Slingsby Theatre’s Andy Packer as part of the Artist in Residence Program. 

Students were moved by State Theatre Company’s outstanding production of The Boy Who Talked to Dogs; the  immersive puppetry, film and design installation, The Plastic Bag Store; as well as the physical theatre production, High Performance Packing Tape. After a year of no live theatre, the opportunity for  students to reconnect with the performing arts was much appreciated. Commencing the Group Performance process has also been a term highlight. 

Working with Andy Packer in the first of four workshops allowed students to develop their skills in shadow puppetry and spark interest in creating an immersive theatre experience. Drama students will be able to demonstrate their learning in their upcoming staged performance of the Grimm Brothers’, ‘Hansel & Gretel’ and Angela Betzien’s, ‘HOODS’. Performance dates: June 15, 16 and 17.

Year 10, Stage 1 & 2 Dance

Marcellin Dance Students have been working on class dances and student choreographies, including dance films, to be presented at the Senior Dance Night on the 3rd of June.

Students were fortunate enough to attend Sydney Dance Company’s performance Impermanence, as part of the Adelaide Festival and were blown away by this brilliant performance. They now look forward to applying some of the skills they learnt about the creative process, in their own student work.

Stage 1 & 2 Visual Arts Excursion

Last Friday, students in Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts went on excursion to the 2020 SACE Art show and the Art Gallery of South Australia. We started the day at the SACE Arts Show and students were impressed with the level of work included from last year! As a group, we took a meandering walk towards the Art Gallery of South Australia, visiting as much Street art, murals and graffiti as we could; including the ‘Free Wall’ which is the only legal space in Adelaide graffiti artists can create their work without permission.

We arrived at the Art Gallery mid morning and were involved in a 2 hour drawing workshop where students were instructed to draw from some of the traditional portraits in the collection. Students created sketches in pencil and pen, fusing creative ideas with portraiture. The day was finished off with a self guided tour of the Gallery and then lunch in Rundle Mall.  A very successful excursion overall!

“Back to the 80’s…The Totally Awesome Musical!” Rehearsals

We are well underway with rehearsing and refining performances for the musical Back to the 80’s. Students and staff are so keen to create a fun and uplifting show that will be enjoyed by all! The songs and dances are being madly learnt and rehearsed by the whole cast and stage band. It is wonderful to see these well known songs come to life!

Nearly everyone has an 80’s costume for the show and the bright and colourful set has been painted, ready to be installed. Not long now until it’s time for an audience!

If you love 80s music, or remember the hairstyles or brightly coloured fashions, you will love ‘Back to the 80s!’. Tickets are available to purchase via Trybooking ( Get in quick!

Stage 2 Design Excursion

Year 12 Design students spent a day in the city being inspired by artwork from the Fringe and at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The students went to an installation and performance called The Plastic Bag Shop. Everything in the shop was made from plastic bags and other plastic bits and pieces that had been discarded in the streets of New York.

The shop represented a modern day grocery store and looked incredibly real at first glance, but when inspected closer, it was clear that everything was inedible!

Year 9 Drama Excursion

The Year 9 Drama class recently attended State Theatre Company’s live performance of The Boy Who Talked to Dogs. It was an amazing show, allowing students to be ‘immersed’ in the performance, as the action took place in and around them.

At one stage the actor sat down at their table and interacted with five of our students, an immersive experience indeed! The class returned to school inspired by this innovative style of storytelling and keen to apply what they saw and felt, into their own class play.