From the Acting Deputy Principal (Thursday 18 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Feast of the Assumption

The Feast of the Assumption was particularly important to St Marcellin because it recognises the special place Mary has within the Catholic Church as the Mother of God. This is why Marcellin loved the saying, “All to Jesus through Mary; all to Mary for Jesus,” because Mary is the avenue to know and love Jesus. 

Sacred Heart staff and students celebrated this special day at Marcellin (Wednesday) and Champagnat (Thursday) with a Mass.

We also acknowledge Assumption College, whose name is derived after this special occasion, at a time where both Marist schools would be preparing for the annual exchange. We live in hope that following three postponed years, the Sacred Heart College v Assumption College Kilmore Exchange recommences in 2023.

SHC celebrates Science Week

The theme for National Science Week in 2022 is Glass: More than meets the eye. It is based on the UN International Year of Glass. It will celebrate the many roles that glass plays in our lives – from phone screens to optical fibre to glassware in labs – plus investigating glass as a part of our sustainable future. 

At Marcellin, Year 10 Science classes had the opportunity to take part in a variety of practicals this week that looked at the many diverse properties of glass. These included the refraction of light in glass, shining white light through a prism to generate a rainbow, polarised sunglasses, optical fibres, an illusion maker that uses special mirrors with a parabola shape and reflects light in a unique way, and the harmonic properties of glass (this was a favourite). There was a competitive staff quiz and also daily Homeroom quizzes with prizes awarded to the winning Homeroom each day. Marcellin Staff finished the Science Week Celebrations with a “Brain Break” morning tea on Friday.

Champagnat celebrated with a hotly contested Homeroom quiz each morning and daily lunchtime activities including exploding bubbles, fire extravaganza, Science or Magic? Making dry ice boo bubbles and a liquid nitrogen show,  which culminated in the students being able to eat instant ice cream, was definitely the most popular activity on offer. 

The Champagnat staff also flexed their Science muscles, competing against each other in a Science Kahoot and celebrated all things science at recess on Thursday.

Thank you to all students and staff for displaying a strong curiosity and love for science across the College.

Girls Winter Sport Grand Finals

The Girls Winter Sport season concludes this week with Grand Finals and Playoffs. Sacred Heart will field an impressive 15 Netball teams and 1 Soccer team in Grand Finals for 2022 Premierships! We wish our girls all the best! Keep up to date with this weeks’ fixtures here. Go Hearts!

The 99th Annual Intercol 2022 – Respect Outweighs Rivalry

The 99th Annual Intercollegiate Round against Rostrevor College will take place next week, kicking off with Soccer and Basketball on Wednesday 24 August.

For the full Program of Events (coming soon!), live streaming and real-time score updates, please visit our website here.

Please note that details may be subject to change. Please check the Program of Events close to the day.

We look forward to seeing many of our Hearts Community supporting our teams. Go Hearts!

Homework Club at Stella Maris

The Homework Club involves Sacred Heart College students visiting Stella Maris Parish Primary School on a Monday afternoon, supporting those in Years 4-6 with their daily homework. The first two weeks have been very popular and the connection between both schools has been outstanding, with lots of homework being completed!

The Homework Club will continue to run until Monday 19 September (Week 9). A big thank you to Ella Kirkham and Old Scholar, Hannah Moroney (SHC ’12) for opening Stella Maris in support of this MSol initiative. Thank you also to the Sacred Heart students who have given up their Monday afternoon to create such a positive learning environment.

Shakespeare Monologue Launch

On Monday, Year 9 students at Champagnat Campus were treated to a performance by teachers to mark the launch of our study of Shakespeare this term. These five, brave players each delivered a monologue or soliloquy as different characters from a range of The Bard’s plays in order to challenge and inspire students who will complete the same task for assessment later in the term. The Good Samaritan Centre Theatre, and the staff and students gathered there, beheld all manner of human joys and sorrows: unrequited love, cunning assassination and the many parts we play in this strange eventful history. 

Many thanks to the staff who made this possible and to the teachers who courageously performed: Kahrynn Annese, Nick Vasic, Dale Clarke, Jacinta Vistoli and Bianca Ferraro.

Save a life and donate blood with SHC

Did you know 1 in 3 of us at Sacred Heart College will need blood? 

Staff at each campus will be rolling up their sleeves as part of Lifeblood Teams –  the group blood donation program from Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Together we can make a genuine difference to the community and give something more powerful than money.

Families (people 18+) are invited to join the Sacred Heart College (SA) Champagnat Campus or Sacred Heart College (SA) Marcellin Campus Lifeblood Team here.

Useful links
Check that you can donate
Register and Join a Lifeblood Team (please select Sacred Heart College (SA) Champagnat Campus or Sacred Heart College (SA) Marcellin Campus)
Find your nearest blood donor centre
Check the team’s donation tally

Courageous Hearts. Supporting others.

Support our Hearts at Intercol with our Limited Edition 125 Years Merchandise

With Intercol beginning next week, support our SHC teams and keep warm with our limited edition 125 Years SHC jumpers, scarves and beanies!

All 125 Year merchandise will be available to purchase at Marcellin during the Intercol at various games, as well as available to order via our College’s Online Store, but be quick as items are available for a limited time only!

Items are available to try on at the College Uniform Shop and a small range is also available to purchase from the Uniform Shop. 

All proceeds raised will be donated to the Marist Immersion Program and the SHOC Hearts Hub Project. 

We thank you for your support! Go Hearts!

On Wednesday and Thursday this week we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption, with Masses held at both campuses. The Feast Day Mass is an important celebration for our community as we recognise Mary, who remains an inspiration for all Marist schools. At our Marcellin Campus Mass, Fr Michael Brennan provided a contemporary reflection of Mary in his Homily, using the image above for inspiration.

Fr Michael reminded us that Mary was far more than the ‘innocent and angelic face’ that is often how she is captured, but someone who showed strength, loyalty to her family and her beliefs, and a willingness to say ‘yes’ to the challenges before her. These characteristics of Mary are demonstrated by many of our students, none more so than our netball players who are participating in their final games this weekend.

This year, Sacred Heart College has had more than 37 Netball teams, with more than 400 players involved in the 2022 competition; more than any other school in the State! Of the 37 teams, 15 are participating in Grand Final matches this weekend. Please refer to the Sports Fixture program here, and come and support our girls with their final games for the season. Go Hearts!

Alex Dighton
Acting Deputy Principal