From the Acting Principal (Thursday 8 September)

To our Sacred Heart Community

R U OK? Day

Today marks R U OK? Day, a national day of action when we are reminded that every day is the day to ask, “are you OK?” and start a meaningful conversation with someone you may feel might be struggling. Asking “are you OK?” could help save a life.

R U OK? Day calls us to Presence through observing those in our community who may seem a little off, by being attentive to the needs of others and actively listening when the time is right for them to express how they are feeling. And our Family Spirit is made stronger by caring for each other “as the members of a loving family would do”.

Across the College this week, R U OK? Day was acknowledged with a number of activities. At Champagnat Campus, R U OK? Day was promoted with a week of activities, awareness and connectedness. Each day began with an optional activity before school; Arts and Craft on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, Board Games on Wednesday, An R U OK? Day Cafe on Thursday, and a Just Dance Party on Friday.

The highlight of the week was today, which is R U OK? Day. Students enjoyed House-based activities all morning, followed by a sausage sizzle. The day culminated in the annual Battle of the Bands, which saw a number of performances on stage including the Year 8 & Year 9 Class Bands, Guitar Band, Drumline, Rock Band, Superband, Sam’s singers and two student-led bands. The Year 12 band were guest performers, before finishing the afternoon with the staff band, Fossil Rock, who performed the INXS classic ‘Sweet Sensation’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up the Hill’. Congratulations to the 2022 Battle of the Bands Overall winner, the Year 8 Class Band with their performance of ‘Runaway Baby’.

A huge thank you to Jess, Lily, Holly, Bella and Talia from the Year 9 Game Changers with the help of Liv Higgins for helping to decorate the school, create the awareness package and support the overall running of the week. Thank you also to Robyn Brookes and Elian Hamilton for facilitating Battle of the Bands, to Tracey Tapscott for baking delicious R U OK? Biscuits, Troy Rowland and David Maglieri for working the coffee machines at the cafe, and to Jacinta Vistoli for running the Just Dance Party.

At Marcellin, Charlie, Lola, Manni and Connor presented a four step process to asking someone if they are ok. This included: 

– Observing any uncharastic behaviours and asking “How is everything going at the moment”, 
– Actively listening to current thoughts, feelings or unique circumstances 
– Encouraging support, either through speaking with parents, teachers or counsellors, a doctor or accessing services provided by Health and Well-Being agencies (eg Headspace, Beyond Blue), and finally, 
– Checking in a few days later to see how the situation is progressing.

Lola concluded the presentation by stating that “Even though R U OK? Day is celebrated on 8 September each year, everyday should be a day to ask R U OK?”.

Vocational Education & Training (VET) Assembly

Vocational Education & Training (VET) is a very important part of the learning process here at Sacred Heart College with many students participating in a VET learning pathway each week. Yesterday the College acknowledged 79 students at the annual VET Assembly who are on track to obtain a Level III Certificate through their VET studies this year. This included many Year 12 VET students, a number of Year 11 students and one Year 10 student. In addition, we also acknowledged all remaining Year 12 students who are studying VET at any Certificate level. Well done to all on their fantastic achievements in VET!

Robert Stigwood Business Lunch

The College was delighted to celebrate the life and legacy of Old Collegian, Robert Stigwood (SHOC ‘50) on Friday with a Business Luncheon at The Highway Hotel. More than 80 guests attended, including Robert’s sister Claire, niece Joanne, and family. Guests were treated to music from the Bee Gees and classic hit films such as Grease and Saturday Night Fever played by the College Show Band.

The luncheon raised more than $2,000, which will go towards creating a display for the music memorabilia that Robert bequeathed to the College upon his death in 2016.

We thank all those who made the event run smoothly, in particular, John Kenneally (SHC ‘69); Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah Zulian; Principal’s EA, Julie Hext; and the College Show Band and Music Staff.

Leaving the College

Preparations and planning are well underway for the 2023 school year. A reminder for families that may be considering leaving the College at the end of 2022 that written leaving notification to the Principal one term in advance is required. Failure to give such notice will involve payment of fees in accordance with our current enrolment agreement.

Due to very limited placements in Year 7 in 2024, current families with sibling’s eligible for commencement at this entry point are requested to please complete an Application for Enrolment Form as soon as possible. Application forms can also be downloaded from the College website or collected from the Front Office at both Campuses.

For any questions in relation to enrolments, please do not hesitate to contact our College Registrar, Virginia Miller, on 8350 2580 or by email and for all Boarding enquiries, please contact Julie Raymond, PA to the Head of Boarding, on 8350 2559 or via email

Champagnat Campus Winter CEA Photo Day (Friday 9 September)

Champagnat students involved with Winter CEA’s are reminded that Winter CEA Photos will take place tomorrow, Friday 9 September. Students are reminded that where advised, correct Uniform is to be worn. If you have any queries, please contact the College on 8350 2500.

Marcellin Campus Early Dismissal (3.10pm Wednesday 14 September)

Families are reminded that all students at Marcellin Campus will be dismissed at 3.10pm on Wednesday 14 September due to Year 10/11 Parent Teacher Interviews.

Year 10/11 Parent/Teacher Interviews (Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 September)

Marcellin Campus Years 10-11 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on Monday 12 September from 2pm – 7pm and Wednesday 14 September from 4pm – 6.30pm in the Brother McAteer Centre. Parents who have requested interviews will have been emailed their schedules for those sessions; if parents have any queries in relation to booking times please contact Mrs Deborah Hearl

Champagnat Campus Parent/Teacher Learner Conversations

Champagnant Campus Parent/Teacher Learner Conversations are scheduled for Monday 19 September between 3pm – 8pm and Wednesday 21 September from 4pm – 6.30pm. These interviews will be held face to face at the Brother McAteer Centre at Marcellin Campus, Somerton Park. 

Parents/Caregivers will receive an email from EdvalInterviews, an online booking system for scheduling these Conversations. 

For any questions in relation to the online book system please do not hesitate to contact Jacqui Beecroft on 8350 2500 or by email at

Call for Exam Invigilators

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from members of the Sacred Heart College community, to join our pool of Exam Invigilators at Sacred Heart College – Marcellin.

Exam Invigilator volunteers provide valuable assistance to staff and students as they progress through a critical stage of their education, through the supervision of students undertaking exams. 

Assistance is specifically required for the upcoming October/November examination period.

All volunteers must meet the College and CESA screening processes, including holding a Working With Children Clearance.

Volunteers receive an honorarium to cover costs.

For more information regarding volunteering, please visit

Interested community members are asked to please email and include a current resume.

At the Marcellin Campus VET Assembly on Friday, I addressed our students about two matters. Firstly, we celebrated the outstanding achievements of a substantial number of students who have achieved Level II and III Certificates through their training pathways. In tracing the history of “vocational training” at Sacred Heart, it became apparent that recent years have seen the most extraordinary growth in this area of learning where students are deservedly receiving recognition of a significant range of courses and programs. 

Against this background, I had cause to challenge students about what their vocation might be, noting that a large number would have no idea yet, but that they should remain open to their calling based on their interests, gifts, talents and response to the needs of the world. There is no pressure on students to find this call, because this is part of life’s journey, but our learners at both Champagnat and Marcellin can begin to become attuned to what this call might be as they learn about themselves.

Our students across both campuses – and particularly the leaders – are to be congratulated on the work they’ve put into R U OK? Day today. We speak at Sacred Heart about “Courageous Hearts”, a derivative of the latin Virtus Ubique Vincit, which loosely translates to “under all circumstances, courage triumphs”. I suggested to our students that a significant amount of courage would be needed to approach a peer who might need some assistance, and similar courage is needed to accept and respond to an invitation for assistance. It is on days like today that Sacred Heart’s renowned Family Spirit comes to the fore, and may we continue to have many students with the required courage to look out for their peers!

Daniel Head
Acting Principal