From the Principal (Friday 21 August)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Wellbeing Program

The key reasons families choose schools such as Sacred Heart are quite varied and may be different from family to family. A common reason is that Sacred Heart offers its students ‘value-added’ programs and experiences. Critical to this, is our Wellbeing program which is formally offered during ‘Extended Pastoral’ which is Lesson 1 on a Wednesday at Marcellin Campus and Lesson 1 on a Thursday at Champagnat Campus.

Unfortunately, it would appear that a worrying number of students are being given ‘permission’ to be absent from these lessons at Marcellin Campus. In brief, the program includes:

  • Building a culture of respect
  • Bullying
  • Character Strengths
  • Cyber Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Effective Revision and Motivation Techniques
  • Managing Stress
  • Road Awareness and Safety Training, and many more.

We contract leading experts from across Adelaide to present and resource these topics. We highlight these on our social media; such as, ‘Encounter Youth’ and Student Leadership sessions this week. We also use this time to celebrate as a community by way of Liturgies and Assemblies across the year.

Sacred Heart is built on ‘Family Spirit’ and our wellbeing program, or pastoral program, underpins key elements of our communal spirit by way of value-added programs such as those mentioned above.

It is critical to the holistic development of students that they firstly attend, and secondly, participate in these sessions. They are valuable learning experiences shared with their classmates. Sacred Heart is not a ‘smorgasbord’ of options which students and families can opt in and out of.

We offer a holistic education aimed at nurturing well-rounded, fine young women and men ready to enter their post school lives. Our wellbeing program is a significant component of this strategy and family support for better attendance is expected and appreciated as it is for the benefit of your children.

National Science Week (15 – 23 August 2020)

Happy National Science Week! Both campuses have been bursting with fun activities and experiments this week, celebrating this year’s theme “Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans”.

Students at Champagnat Campus have enjoyed lunchtime science practicals, classroom activities including an escape room and incursion. Year 10 students at Marcellin Campus have been exploring the week’s theme by looking at initiatives by Australian Scientists to address the health of our oceans.

Daily homeroom quizzes have been fiercely competitive, covering areas including Psychology, Nutrition, Chemistry and Physics!

CESA Wellbeing Initiative – Classroom Pulse ‘Check In’

Communication was emailed to families this week regarding the Wellbeing Initiative – Classroom Pulse ‘Check In’. The initiative conducted by Catholic Education South Australia has been developed to ascertain how students are currently feeling about their experience in school. Click here to view the letter which was sent to families on Thursday. 

Sacred Heart College Bursaries 2021

As a Marist school, Sacred Heart College is committed to fostering and promoting academic achievement, as well as assisting families who are financially challenged. The basis of this philosophy is found in the Vision Statement of the school, which justifies the endowment of funds for those who fulfil the criteria for each respective bursary.


  • Bursaries are offered at particular stages throughout the school to:
    1. promote academic achievement
    2. assist families whose financial circumstances might otherwise preclude them from attending the school
    3. support families currently enrolled in the College
  • A variety of bursaries will be available to cater for differing abilities and circumstances of students.
  • Applications for bursaries will be promoted and be accessible to all students.
  • Bursaries will be facilitated by College personnel but recipients endorsed by the College Executive or Leadership Team. A member of the Executive or Leadership Team will be a member of all Bursary Committees.
  • Bursaries winners will be published and promoted within the school community.
  • The range and nature of the bursaries will be the object of annual review by the College Executive.

The following bursaries are open for application and can be found on the College Website here:

  • The Sacred Heart Old Collegians Bursary (for a Year 11 student)
  • The Foundation Bursary (for a Year 11 student)
  • The Michael Herbert Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bursary (for a Year 11 student) 
  • The Henry & Richard Whiting Bursary (for Year 10 Boarding students)

The following bursaries will be presented to individual students who have been selected by the College:

  • The Champagnat Award (for a Year 9 student)
  • The Marcellin Spirit Award (for a Year 9 student)
  • The Sister Marie Ralph – Christian Service Award (for a Year 9 student)
  • The Brother Jordan Redden Award (for a Year 9 student)
  • The Sharon Jeloscek Memorial Bursary (for a Year 11 student)
  • The Nicholas Peterson Bursary (for a Year 11 Boarding student)   
  • The Sam Climpson-Stewart Bursary (for a Year 10 Boarding student)

My sincere thanks for the numerous expressions of sympathy on the passing of my mother, Marie. They are truly appreciated at a difficult time!

It is good to be back!

Steve Byrne