From the Principal (Friday 9 December)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Year 9 Rite Journey Ceremonies

On Wednesday, students attended the ‘Return Ceremony’ as part of their Rite Journey program. Classes walked to local parks, where they spent time contemplating the next phase of their lives, writing a commitment letter to their parents, and participating in a board breaking ceremony, symbolising the end of childish behaviours and bad habits.

Yesterday evening, the Year 9 students and families participated in the Rite of Passage and Homecoming Ceremony, held at Marcellin Campus. Students received their testimonials in the first part of the evening; a statement outlining their contribution to Champagnat Campus over the past 3 years. Following this, students and families took part in the ‘Homecoming Ceremony’ as part of the Rite Journey program, which concluded the program for 2022. Students had an opportunity to read a statement of intent, and prepare a letter to their parents symbolising the growth and change they have seen in themselves over the year, and also outlining the next steps for them in their journey towards adulthood. The evening is one of the highlights of the year, with strong sentimental value and exchanges of heartfelt personal messages between staff, parents and students.

Congratulations to all of the Year 9 students for their participation, conduct and growth during this year’s program. We wish them all well in 2023 at Marcellin Campus.

Champagnat End of Year Awards

This morning, students at Champagnat were recognised at the Champagnat End of Year Awards Ceremony. The ceremony, held in the Br McAteer Centre at Marcellin Campus, saw students receive awards ranging from academic achievement, to the arts, sport, and Christian Service. Awards for exemplary and outstanding contributions to the College were also presented.

The Campus Leaders of 2022 passed on their batons to the 2023 leaders, a high calibre of the students who will serve the Champagnat community next year.

Congratulations to Keeley Carey on receiving the Champagnat Award for her extensive involvement in student leadership and social justice, typifying the Marist characteristics of our College.

Farewell to the graduating Class of 2022

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 who celebrated their Year 12 Graduation at the Br McAteer Centre last Friday evening.

It was a fitting celebration for a cohort that, despite ongoing disruptions and challenges throughout the last three years, have developed into compassionate, resilient, and courageous Marists, ready to impact the world! The ceremony was made even more special through the presence of many grandparents and boarding families. 

We wish our graduating students the best of luck in the next chapter of their journey. May you face the future with audacity and hope!

View our Class of 2022 House videos below.

Chanel House, Class of 2022

Chavoin House, Class of 2022

Fourviere House, Class of 2022

Marian House, Class of 2022

Montagne House, Class of 2022

Champagnat Outreach

At Champagnat, each House have been collecting items for the following charities: Chavoin (Hutt St Centre), Chanel (Louise Place – Centacare), Fourviere (St Vincent De Paul), Marian (St Vincent De Paul via St Ann’s Parish) and Montagne (Catherine House). Thank you to all the families and staff who donated to this Christmas Appeal – your generosity will definitely bring some added joy to the recipients of your donations at Christmastime.

Marist Solidarity Sustainability Project

On Tuesday morning, students from Champagnat’s MSol (Marist Solidarity) group completed their sustainability project for the year. With the help of Justin from Maintenance, the students planted four native herbs in our Indigenous Garden. The produce will be used in Food Technology next year and MSol students will continue to tend to and add to the garden next year.

Music students perform for aged care residents

Students from Champagnat Campus were invited to Murray Mudge Residential Aged Care facility in Glenelg to perform a concert for its residents on Monday.

Nine students from Years 7-9 each played a piece that they had been working on in their lessons, many performing as a soloist for the first time. The residents enjoyed seeing young people playing and loved the music, humming along. 

Thank you to instrumental teachers, Vanessa Saba and Samara Gill for helping prepare the students. Thank you also to the staff and residents at Murray Mudge for welcoming us and giving us the opportunity to showcase our students’ musical talents!

Staffing Update for 2023

In what has been another big year for the College, we will farewell a significant number of long-serving and contract staff at the end of this year, including the Principal, Steve Byrne. We congratulate all staff who are leaving the College on their new appointments in 2023 or in their retirement, and thank them for their service to the College.

Senior Appointments

We welcome and congratulate the following educational leaders who have been appointed to commence at the College in 2023:

  • Daniel Lynch – Principal
  • Alex Dighton – Acting Head of Campus (Champagnat)
  • Karen Bailey – Acting Head of Campus (Marcellin)
  • Beth Caldwell– Director of Students (Champagnat)
  • Anna Porcelli – Director of Students (Marcellin)
  • Meagan Heinze – Acting Director of Teaching and Learning (Marcellin)

The complete College staffing will be released early next year as we continue the staffing process over the next fortnight

Sacred Heart College Stationery Requirements

As we prepare for the commencement of the 2023 College year, a reminder to check the recommended stationery list for students. Marcellin Campus parents/caregivers will receive confirmation of their child’s 2023 subject enrolments in December.

Please find the link to the Stationery Requirements for both Champagnant and Marcellin below.  

Champagnat Campus Stationery Requirements

Marcellin Campus Stationery Requirements

School Closure and Opening times 

Front Office closure and re-opening dates

Champagnat Campus
Front Office closes Tuesday 13 December 2022 and reopens Monday 23 January 2023

Marcellin Campus
Front Office closes on Monday 19 December 2022 and reopens on Monday 9 January 2023

School commencement dates 2023

Champagnat Campus
Tuesday 31 January – All Year 7 and new Year 8 and Year 9 students
Wednesday 1 February – Year 8 and Year 9 return

Marcellin Campus
Tuesday 31 January – All Year 10 students
Wednesday 1 February – Year 11 and Year 12 students

Please view our College Calendar for full 2023 Term Dates here.

College Uniform Shop Holiday Trading Hours

The Sacred Heart College Uniform Shop is trading as per normal hours until 15 December 2022. 

January 2023 Trading Hours:

Trading begins Thursday 12 January 2023

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 1.00pm – 6.00pm
Wed: 8.00am – 4.30pm
Sat: 9.00am – 1.00pm


For more information, please visit the College Uniform Shop website page.

Thank you for your support this past year. Merry Christmas to all!

Brighton Catholic Parish Christmas Eve Family Vigil Mass

Families are invited to the Brighton Catholic Parish Christmas Eve Vigil Mass

When: December 24 2022
Time: 7pm
Where: Br Joseph McAteer Centre gymnasium, Sacred Heart College Marcellin Campus

Parking available on the small oval and  in surrounding streets.

No bookings required. Face masks recommended.

Click here to view invitation.

A safety message from the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation: Sextortion

The Australian Federal Police through the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation is seeing a concerning global trend of teenage males being targeted to send explicit images of themselves and then blackmailed. This is called sexual extortion, or sextortion.

The AFP is urging families to have important safety conversations ahead of the school holidays to prevent young people from becoming victim. This crime can have serious wellbeing and psychological impacts.

How does sextortion start?

  • Unsolicited friend and follow requests on social media
  • Direct messages on one app and then being asked to keep chatting on a secondary app
  • Conversations suddenly and quickly becoming sexualised
  • Requests for sexualised images or content.

What can families do?

  • Have open and regular conversations about your child’s online activities and interactions
  • Know what platforms, apps and games they are using and who they are interacting with
  • Remain open and approachable, victims will be reluctant to come forward if they feel they will be punished or blamed
  • Ensure your child knows that it is okay to leave conversations if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe
  • Support your child and know how to respond. The Online blackmail and sexual extortion response kit has been created to recognise sextortion and get help.

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation is here to keep young people safe from online sexual exploitation and abuse. You can make a report via

For further information, resources and advice, please visit

So, the 2022 school year concluded today for the Champagnat students following the Year 9 Rite Journey celebration on Thursday evening. There has certainly been some exciting energy across Champagnat this week!

As I conclude my decade at Sacred Heart College, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the ‘Hearts’ families, past and present, Boarding and Day students, current and former staff members and the Marist Brothers Community for your exceptional support and the trust you have placed in the Sacred Heart Leadership. We conclude one chapter, enjoy a summer break and the festivities of Christmas and the New Year, and then we commence Year 126 of this fine College – the next chapter!

In packing up my office I came across a collection of prayers and reflections I have kept over my near 40 year journey as an educator and leader. I offer this to the Hearts Community:

May the blessing of strength be on us,

May the blessing of gentleness be on us,

May the blessing of peace be on us, 

May the blessing of patience be on us,

May the blessing of friendship be on us,

May the blessing of love be on us,

May the blessing of forgiveness be on us,

May the blessing of Christmas be ours!

Farewell Courageous Hearts, Sacred Heart!

Steve Byrne