From the Principal (Friday 28 May)

To our Sacred Heart Community

Boarding Community Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser

This term, the Girls Boarding House gathered to host morning and afternoon tea to raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer. We were very fortunate to have our beautiful Supervisor and friend Di Black (Barnes) in attendance. 

The afternoon was for the Girls and Boys Boarding Houses to come together to support Di in her courageous fight against this disease. 

We truly do have a very special Boarding Community here at Sacred Heart. The generosity and support from Staff, Boarders and our Boarding leaders has been nothing short of extraordinary. This is shown by the outstanding amount of $1200 that was raised for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

National Sorry Day (Wednesday 26 May)

Here’s the thing about Sorry; It’s just a word.

It doesn’t erase what you did, it doesn’t fix anything, it’s an acknowledgement.

It’s everything you do after Sorry that proves you really are.

– Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Something to ponder with thanks from Robyn Sutherland, Hearts Aboriginal Education Program.

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Steve Byrne